Meh, waste of a day

Argh, this just sums it up – I just typed up a blog entry then had to grab something that the dog had stolen and lost the bloody lot!

The ‘Highlights’ were

Book week costumes

Dog being a total shit – stealing stuff, biting, jumping up, running away, wanting out every 5 minutes, chasing the builders.  I tried to be the calm assertive pack leader, I was actually a mentally deranged hysterical fishwife.

Alexander’s DS is still missing.  I have searched every square centimetre of the house – it is not here.  It is not in the car.  He hasn’t had it out anywhere to leave it.  I can’t imagine that someone would come into the house and steal only that but WHERE ON EARTH IS IT?????

Telstra engineers were supposed to come to fit our broadband – a mere two months after asking for it – they didn’t.  I was on the phone for over an hour over the course of the day and still, they didn’t come and no reason was given.  They are a bunch of useless ****wits and I would not recommend them to anyone.  If we had any choice I would drop them like a hot brick!

In the evening we had Blossom Guides which turned the day around a little.  It was good fun and the girls were very sweet.

So that was it – a crappy day, the details of which are lost forever in cyberspace – probably best for all concerned!

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3 Responses to Meh, waste of a day

  1. Yerda says:

    Shame about the lost blog but crackin photosof the kids!!!

  2. SlayerKat says:

    Love the costumes!!!!

  3. Hazelx says:

    So glad you didnt lose the photo, its fab, had to double take Dennis!! Will show to Rowen and Elise who are just loving looking at the photos esp of Alexander, Ruby and of course the adorable Larry!!! I am however selective about the reading matter!!!
    Love Hx

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