Cubs and gym visits

Well this week has kind of slipped by without me catching up with it!  Much of the week has been spent wrestling with Larry who decided not to be the perfect puppy after all but spent a lot of the week like this

If only lip curling and muddy paws was the worst of it!  He is nipping Ruby all the time and she doesn’t deal with it very well.  She squeals and flaps her hands making him think she is well up for a game and so keeps nipping. 

On Tuesday night Alexander made his Cub Scout promise.  He was very sweet and had practised all day.  He had his uniform all sorted – although it is enormous on him because he can be in Cubs for the next two years and I am not sewing all the badges on an age 8 top only to need to unpick them and put them on a bigger one next year!

He took it all very seriously and soon enough, he was a fully fledged Cub!

This weekend in Australia is Father’s Day (did I mention that already?) so they were to take along a Dad or Grandpa with them for some ‘activities’.  This is Michael’s idea of hell.  He would do anything for his kids but spending time with OTHER kids fills him with horror!  Still, he sucked it up and went along.  I was only there for the beginning but they played some games, including a three legged race (or in our case a four legged race because Ruby was there too!) – excuse the dark pic, I was in a dark hall and trying not to be trampled by competetive Dads!

They also made a wooden dinosaur moneybox together and generally had a lovely time.  A was delighted when he came home with all his new badges pinned on having spent a great night with his Dad!  Michael seemed pretty much unscathed too – there is nothing quite like spending time with other people’s children to make you appreciate your own!

I had my first trip to the gym this week too.  I went to an Aquaerobics class on Thursday which was fun and pretty easy.  It was nice to be in the pool again.  I am going to be doing a lot of swimming I think!  My heels are still really painful so swimming is a good plan for me.  That said, my personal trainer (yes *I* have a personal trainer!!!) phoned to book our first session on Friday.

Today (friday) was super busy!  I heped at school with fruit cutting as usual and then helped to man their ‘Father’s Day Stall’ where kids could bring in money and buy something for their Dad.  Stocks were pretty limited so each child was only allowed to buy one gift, it all got a bit complicated when some kids had biological Dads, step-dads, and people they just call their Dad!  I didn’t get involved, just took the money!

After that I walked round to the gym for my session with Lorrae – my trainer.  She blanched a little when I said I had plantar fasciitis (heel spurs) because I think she thought she had nothing to do but to point me to the treadmill and a couple of machines and that would be her job done.  She came up with a circuit that would avoid pressure on my heels (no running – woo hoo – I’d rather go on the rowing machine for an hour than the treadmill for five minutes!) and said that I was doing really well considering my poor feet and that she would work out some more stuff for next time we meet.

I hobbled back home to be greeted by Larry who hadn’t been out for his usual walk this morning.  I really fancied a seat and a pancake egg roll but I clipped on his lead and we went out for a walk.  I took him over the Toolern Creek which runs around the outside of the town.  The creek is full of frogs and they are all croaking like mad just now – maybe they do this all year but I am guessing that it is a spring showing-off thing for mating!  As we crossed the creek I heard an almighty racket in the trees and looked up to see two gallahs fighting with a cockatoo – you don’t get that down the railway line in Penicuik!!

Larry and I had a lovely walk in the sunshine.  He went off lead for the first time and he did really well.  I had something of a revelation while I was out – Larry doesn’t actually HAVE to be a perfect dog.  No-one else in my life is perfect so why am I pushing him so hard and stressing myself out so much?  Yes, I will continue to do my best with his training.  I will strive for really good behaviour and a very fun, well mannered dog but there is no enjoyment for either of us if we both end up as total neurotic messes! 

I came home, Larry flopped into bed and I made some hedgehog cake for the kids coming home from school.  I did a little housework (and when I say a little, I really mean a little as by this time my feet were on fire and soooooooo painful) then I went back to school to get the kids.

We came home, did some reading, I made a banana loaf with a couple of bananas that had seen better days and then we went off to swimming.  There were a few more kids in the class today so A & R didn’t get the one to one attention that they had been getting the other weeks, but still, they did really well!

I intend to spend the weekend with my feet up, eating hedgehog cake to make up for the gazillion calories I must have burned off during my two gym visits!!

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2 Responses to Cubs and gym visits

  1. DS says:

    Larry is just going through his Billy Idol phase. He’ll grow out of it.

    • LOL, I really hope so. All the books say that at this age he should be really willing to please – hmm, not so much! Apparently the trying phase is at about six months so either he is really advanced or we are in for one hell of a ride!!

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