Spring has Sprung and Racist Magpies

Ahhh, today was a GORGEOUS day!!  It has been pretty rainy recently and the other night was soooo windy it sounded as though the house in the back garden was going to take off!  So when today rolled around and it was about 18c/66f with a very light breeze I was a happy bunny.

Of course, the first thing to be done was to run round and find any washing to be done – can’t waste a good line drying day!!

We finally have both the kids’ bikes sorted and they both have helmets so they both cycled up to school.  The pavements here are lovely and wide, poured concrete slab and there are no hills so it is PERFECT for cycling!  

On the way to school we passed a magpie which took a shine to Ruby’s helmet.  As she cycled along the block it sat up on the telegraph wires and went for her.  She totally freaked out the first time it happened, and the second, and the third!  Poor Ruby!  I went and walked beside her to try to warn it off.

I came home via the creek where Larry and I had a lovely walk.  He is being such a wee sweetie just now – so much better than last week, thank goodness!!  We didn’t go as far as usual because I had to get back for an appointment.

I have booked a course of driving lessons – hurrah!  Michael and I haven’t been out much – mostly because we only have two nights of the week when the kids don’t have some sort of club and also, probably because I scare the living daylights out of Michael!  I figure that this way I will improve more quickly.  Anyway, I had my lesson.  It went really well.  I did parallel parking and a three point turn and my instructor, Steve said that they would have passed on a test which is good!  I drove around for an hour without forgetting to breathe, without getting cramp in my hands from gripping the wheel, without coming home with a headache – all positive stuff!  I have another two lessons next week and hopefully Michael and I will go out over the weekend.

I spent the afternoon catching up with stuff around the house and paying bills (boooooo!  It was so nice to go a few months with no bills!).

I cycled up to school to get the kids because Alexander’s teacher had asked to see me.  On the way, the magpie went for me four times!!!  There were other people about but it wasn’t concerned about them – only me!  I am thinking that maybe it is a racist magpie who has it in for Scottish people.  I have been trying to think what Scots could have done to Australian magpies to push them towards unprovoked attacks on recent immigrants!!  I may try crossing the road tomorrow!

I went in to see Alexander’s teacher last week because Alexander was really down about school.  He even asked to be home-educated – no way Jose!  She wanted to let me know that she has paired him up with another boy in class who is making sure that he always has someone to play with at break time.  It seems that he was bubbly and friendly in class but outside, everyone had their own games and he felt a bit out of it.  Anyway, this other wee boy is making sure that A is always included so hopefully that will help him feel a bit better about it.

We cycled home and I meant to come in and tidy up a bit before making dinner but it was just too lovely outside and who remembers days when their Mum tidied up when they were wee – no-one I am guessing, but I know I remember days when my folks said ‘Ah stuff it, lets go and do this instead!’  (or words to that effect!)  So the kids quickly got changed, had a biscuit and a drink, I grabbed the dog and we went back to the creek for a walk in the sunshine.

This is just about five minutes walk from our house.  There are loads of birds about (none trying to attack us thankfully) and lots of frogs croaking in the creek!

Alexander and Ruby loved cycling around and Larry burned off some energy trying to keep up with them!

I was walking along behind them thinking – this is where we live now!  It was a great feeling!  I love being out with the kids more and this is only spring – we have months of reasonable to amazing weather ahead of us!  (Possibly some uncomfortably hot stuff too where we will all be moaning about being boiling but hey ho!)

We carried on back down the road – this is the view

Sorry it’s all a bit picture heavy today but I was all snap happy!

Alexander did laps of the footpath while Larry and I just wandered round.  He sat down for a wee rest every now and again!  Little dog under a big sky!

Ruby wanted to take a pic of me – here is one of the five bazillion she took – she was snapping away like mad! 

We finally came home and had to get back to normal – all except Larry who crashed out in his new den

It’s a hard life!

Oh, and while I remember, do you remember that I bought some pots and herb seeds.  Well, I wasn’t holding out much hope because I am the kiss of death to anything green and leafy but look…

It may be a while until they are big enough to pick but let it be known that I successfully grew herbs from seed!!

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5 Responses to Spring has Sprung and Racist Magpies

  1. Lana says:

    Love the pictures!! Bless your heart for keeping up the blog. I watch for it everyday.

  2. David says:

    Nice! Great photos. It is amazing that you can tell from a photo of a tree in a field that you’re not in Scotland any more – the earth is a different colour, the trees are different…

    I forget how wee Larry is until I see him against a person. Totie!

  3. Yerda says:

    Fabulous pics. Keep them coming. Larry looks happy in his wee house. Glad to here the driving is coming on.

  4. Yerda says:

    Spot the typo!!!!

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