Sash ceremony and skint knees

This has been the first kind of slow week since we got here.  I don’t know why because we have certainly packed a fair amount in but usually it is Friday before I know it and this week I have sort of noticed each day come and go – not a bad thing really!

Ruby’s sash ceremony was on Tuesday at Blossom Guides.  She didn’t have to make her promise (they don’t do that until they are at the next level of Guides) but she was taken up by other members of her patrol (the Dolphins) and they asked for her to be sashed.

She had a chat with Wattle (like Brown Owl) and was was given her sash and badges (woo hoo, more sewing!)

Yes, we do all have our coats on – it’s blooming baltic in that shed!!  I imagine in summer it is absolutely baking though!

I had a few really lovely walks with Larry this week too.  I managed to remember to take my camera and get some shots of the birds.  It still amazes me that budgies, lorikeets and cockatoos fly wild here (I think I may have run over a budgie when Michael and I went out driving the other night!  Stupid thing just sat there as I sped towards him!)

A cockatoo – these are noisy little bleeders.  There are sometimes flocks of them in fields pecking away at the ground.  I always think they are seagulls until we get up close and then I am amazed that they are cockatoos!

Gallahs – unfortunately these are flying away from us because you don’t see the pinky red feathers – they are very pretty!  Here is one sitting right at the top of a tree.

Then, of course, there is this fellow

My NEMESIS!!  He wouldn’t even look at me when I took his picture!!  The magpies are still attacking us.  I reckon it is the cycling helmets because I have noticed a few other people being swooped and I don’t think they can all be Scottish!

I also finished a few projects I have been working on.  First was Ruby’s cardigan

She is really pleased with it and so am I!  It didn’t take long at all but I bet she will wear it loads in the summer.  I got the wool from the Bendigo Woollen Mills which is pretty local to here and it is LOVELY, cheap as chips and really nice quality.  I think I may become a frequent customer! 

I also found a wee jacket that I started making for Jo and Craig’s baby before we left Scotland.  I only had to finish one side and then make the sleeves and it was done!

I LOVE this pattern I’ve made it a few times now but this time I made the biggest size but in 4 ply wool on number 10 needles so it is newborn size but finer than it would be in DK.  (I know this proably means nothing to people who don’t knit!)  I have ordered more wool to do a bigger version for both the babies my girls are expecting just now!

I realised that I have missed a couple of birthdays – both little friends of Rubys.  Sending presents can get pretty spendy so I am knitting as many as possible because they are light to send.  I have done a little hat for each of the girls – I hope they like them!

In other big news this week, Alexander fell at school at ripped his knees up.  He spent the day in the sick bay after losing a lot of blood (for a cut!) – they couldn’t get hold of me because my phone wasn’t working and I hadn’t realised that they didn’t have our home number (I was sure I had handed it in but must not have).  I felt awful, I was at home all day and could have been up there like a shot.  Ah well, he wasn’t so badly hurt that he couldn’t put a little bit of drama into this pic

I took off the school’s bandages, soaked his knees and put on some steri-strips to hold it all together.  There is a sizable chunk gouged out of his knee but he’ll live.  As I keep reminding him, it would be a pretty poor childhood if he didn’t have skint knees every now and again!

I have had another session with my personal trainer – jings I was sore afterwards!  I prefer it when I am a bit sore though, it makes me feel that something is working!  I think it was the lunges that did it, it’s just not a natural movement is it?!

I’ve also been out driving a few times – once with my instructor and twice with Michael.  It is all going very well, no-one has been killed (except possibly that budgie, but that was his own fault!) and I haven’t even thought about thinking up excuses to cancel!  I don’t know how long it will be before I am ready to sit my test but at least I am DRIVING!

So that is the week so far – I don’t know why it has been slow, that’s a lot of stuff!

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2 Responses to Sash ceremony and skint knees

  1. correen says:

    poor alexander, wee scone. you are a busy bee, sound like you are getting the miles in with the driving tho, good for you!

  2. Nicola says:

    Love the knitting!

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