Spring in September?

So the kids finished school for the spring break which kind of messes with my mind because a) we have already had spring break this year and b) it’s September – September is not spring, September is unexpected indian summer days followed by ‘where did I put my gloves?’ days, September is leaves starting to change colours and dithering as to whether to put the heating on or not.  Not any more though – now September is ‘oooh, there is warmth in that sun’ and ‘look at the blossom’ and it may take a while to get used to!

I had another driving lesson on Friday.  It went really well and my instructor seems quite happy that I am neither a blithering, nervous wreck nor a risk to the safety and wellbeing of the general population of Australia.  I was driving and talking and not freaking out for a whole hour – yay me!

Friday night was the preliminary final in the AFL (don’t know why they call it that when it is in fact a semi-final) and our team – Collingwood – were playing.  Now, I don’t want you thinking we are glory hunters, we chose them because they are the team that hosted Alexander’s Footy Day at the MCG.  It just so happens that this year they are doing really well!  Anyway, they were playing Geelong in the semi final and all the pundits were predicting that Geelong would beat Collingwood but HA!  Collingwood won by 40-odd points!  It was a FANTASTIC game (for Collingwood supporters!) and they hopped, skipped and jumped into the Grand Final next week!  I can’t believe that AFL isn’t played all over the world – it is such a great game to watch and EVERYONE here is so involved in it!  Alexander loves it so we let him stay up to watch the game and I thought he would burst several times!  Ruby is not remotely interested so she took herself off to bed halfway through!

On Saturday, after a very slow start, I mopped the floors and realised that I hadn’t had to do that for a good few days now – no rain = no mud!  Hurrah!  After I did that I went to collect all the kids laundry to make sure there were uniforms for Monday then I remembered they were on holiday so I thought ‘bugger it, it’ll all still be there tomorrow!’ and left it!

We went out to Bacchus Marsh to look at show homes.  We came home with an armful of brochures and a little excited feeling that we could have a house of our own in the not too distant future.  It will work out much cheaper if we get a new build rather than an established house as there are all sorts of government subsidies for building new houses – seems silly not to!

We came home and watched the other AFL semi-final to discover who we would be ‘versing’ as Alexander says!  St Kilda or the Western Bulldogs – St Kilda won.  The final will be kind of like Portobello playing Wester Hailes in a game that ALL of Great Britain will watch!  Madness!

Another slow start on Sunday and then we went out to the library.  We missed it last week so had accrued some fines – bah!  Still cheaper than buying even one of the books we have borrowed!  We did the shopping too.  I say ‘we’, in actual fact WE drove to the shops and then I went in and got all the shopping while everyone else stayed in the car – easier that way!

Michael always rolls his eyes at me stacking our groceries up on the table, wondering who on earth would want to see our shopping, but I know I am always fascinated by what other people buy and I know my Mum likes to see it (probably checking that we are still eating our five a day ;-)) so I will continue – humph!

I have started a new food blog called 365 Different Dinners where I am trying out lots of different things on my not-particularly-picky-but-wildly-differing-tastes family so all our meals for the week will be on there if you are interested.  If anyone has any tried and tested favourites then feel free to email them to me!  I am currently trawling different websites for ideas!

In the afternoon we went out to the park.  It was so lovely to be out in the sunshine, throwing a ball for the dog while the kids played on the climbing frames!L

Look at the ears on that wee dog!

Larry is still small enough that Michael can pretty much keep up with him – won’t be long before he is bolting though!!

At one point he found a tissue and ran around with it like he was really naughty!  He is toooooo cute!

We came home and I made an entirely effortless but not very inspiring dinner then had a bath, spoke to my Mum on Skype and had a relaxing evening before the holidays start with a vengeance!  It will be really odd and not very easy to be on holiday because I have NO IDEA what we are going to be doing!  I hope the weather will be good and we can do lots of picnics and exploring!

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2 Responses to Spring in September?

  1. David says:

    It should be a great chance to explore – and by the time you’ve explored everything on foot, you’ll be a driver and you can explore everything within driving distance!

  2. pamela krol says:

    I am so jealouse, you have such a fabby life, cant believe you just starting hols, and with warm weather. I would be the same, show my weekly shopping, my mum would be like eat ur greens. We went camping at weekend, took shorts and gloves, nightmare. Good luck with driving, have a had any encounters with beasties, well better get back to work. Talk soon. Xx

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