Overdue update!

Hello!  I have been slack over the last week as it has been school holidays and we are totally out of our groove!  We have had quite a nice mixture of busy and lazy – pretty normal school hols! 

Some of the highlights…

The AFL grand final was on Saturday.  Our team, Collingwood were against St Kilda.  We were the favourites.  We went up to Linda and Hughie’s to watch it.  There were about forty people there and it was GREAT fun!  Lots of shouting and swearing (they take it very seriously!) and LOADS of food

(This doesn’t include the 50 hot dogs or oven cooked foods!)

Ruby had made a friut platter and some dips (from a recipe in the book Auntie Eliz gave her for her birthday a few years ago – she LOVES that book!)

I made some Rocky Road but as ever, it wasn’t as good as my friend Lynn’s version.  I will persevere though!!

Well, after all the effort that went into it, the game was a draw!!  They don’t play extra time or have a ‘golden goal’ or anything so they have to do it all again next week!  MENTAL!!  The last few minutes of the game were really exciting but not good enough for the Magpies to win it!  Bah – ah well, nothing else to do but eat all that food!

On Sunday we wanted to go out somewhere with the dog.  It was a gorgeous day – about 20 degrees – and we felt the need for some fresh air.  I looked up the Victoria Parks (no relation) website to see which parks we could take the Golden Boy to and found that Werribee Park, about 20 minutes away was dog-friendly so we set off.  (Guess who had chocolate spread sandwiches before we left!)We arranged to meet Jeni and Dave there.  On our way there Jeni phoned to say that she had arrived and there were ‘NO DOGS’ signs everywhere.  BAH!!!  We found another park nearby, not as fancy but we don’t need fancy, we just wanted somewhere outdoors.  We wandered around, played at the playpark

(that’s Dave upside down and Michael tearing about after the dog – and to think we stopped there for the kids to have some fun!)  We went up to the main street and had an ice cream – seemed rude not to as it was such a nice day!

Today we went bowling with Linda and Cameron.  I had a great time, the kids did too – apparently – Alexander spent much of the time in the huff as bowling isn’t his strong sport and he was embarrassed that his score was so low compared to everyone else.  I feel bad for him because it is just assumed that wee boys will be sporty and he just isn’t.  He is a GREAT swimmer and he used to love karate (I must look into that here) but as far as competitive sports go he just beats himself up when he isn’t great straight away.  It is made even harder here because there is such an emphasis on sport and the kids here have all been playing for years already.  While I feel bad for him, I also get really annoyed that he is such a grumpy, torn-faced little git whenever he is not winning!  We give him the old ‘it’s not the winning, it’s that taking part’ line which he dismisses.  He’s not particularly bothered about winning, he just doesn’t want to be the biggest loser so when, during the second game, his score was higher than Ruby’s, he cheered right up and started celebrating, which in turn brought Ruby down!!  Oh what a joy!  Anyway, when Michael got home this evening they told him they’d had a great time so I am guessing they just remember the good bits!

Other news this week is that I had a job interview.  I had applied for a Youth Performing Arts Worker position with the local council and was told that I didn’t make the interview selection.  I was disappointed so I phoned them up to find out why so that I can improve my application for future jobs.  They said that my application was not put together in the way they are used to and that was the only reason.  I was given the opportunity to resubmit and they gave me an interview!  It went really well and I know I am still in the running but it will be a few days before I find out.  I have also applied for some other jobs so fingers crossed I will have something soon.

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3 Responses to Overdue update!

  1. Tracey Hand says:

    Wow, that sucks that they dismissed your job application just because it wasn’t put together like they’re used to! How narrow-minded!
    Well done for chasing it up though. Fingers crossed for you.

    Did Ruby eat that whole ice cream? LOL

    Larry looks HUUUUGE on that car photo!! He’ll be a big boy before too long 🙂

    • Yeah, hoping that something may come of the interview – it would be right up my alley!

      No, Roo didn’t eat it all, in fact she barely ate any of it, she loves the thought of ice cream but not the reality of it!

      Larry is growing every day – he is such a gorgeous boy (most of the time!)

  2. David says:

    It is still surprising to me how difficult it is for people I know – grown men (or any of the Scholzes) – to deal with losing a game (or more rarely, but equally annoying, deal with winning a game).

    If a game has to have a winner and a loser, you only really lose if you don’t play well.

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