Playing nice chez Park!

Nothing much going on here so this is just a quicky to show you a few pics!

Alexander and Ruby had a rare moment of co-operative play today.  They are more used to playing seperately or winding each other up so it was really nice to see them playing together – even if the scenario they created did look a bit odd …

The only other thing we have been doing has been walking the dog and I ALWAYS forget to take my camera with me (not helped by the fact my wee pocket camera died 😦  I’d only had it for about 5 months) so I haven’t been able to record them.  This is what it has been doing to the dog though …

You know you have worn your puppy out when he can’t stand up to eat his dinner!

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One Response to Playing nice chez Park!

  1. Yerda says:

    Poor Larry looks dog tired!!!!!

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