Big news!

Well, we have big news.  I didn’t want to blog about it before it was definitely happening and as it has been pretty all-consuming recently, I haven’t blogged about anything else either!

WE HAVE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!  Well, we have bought some land and asked someone to build a house on it for us!!

^^^This is where the house will go and this is the view from the garden…

Here are the Parks standing roughly where the living room will be!

You can see a plan of the house we have chosen here if you are that way inclined!

The land is in a town about 10 minutes drive from where we are now, about an hour’s drive from the city centre.  It is a nice wee town with a walk-able town centre.  I hadn’t realised how important this was to me until we were living somewhere with a four lane road through the main street!

The house won’t be built until August next year which is a bit of a bummer because when I want something done, I want it NOW!  As Michael keeps saying though, we waited five years to get here, we can wait ten months for the house we want!

I am really looking forward to living here.  It is going to be a street of new family homes so hopefully there will be a whole load of families moving in at around the same time.  This should provide the kids with some playmates and me with some new neighbour friends!  The streets all lead to dead ends so A & R should be quite safe playing outside.

The last four months have gone really quickly, lets hope that the next ten do too and we can get into our very own home.  I am well over moving house having done so three times in the last seven months so it will be so nice to get into our home and make it our own.

Another great thing about it is that we will have a spare room for visitors 🙂  Form an orderly queue please!

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5 Responses to Big news!

  1. Brenda says:

    Fantastic news! How exciting is that? Delighted that things are continuing to fall into place for you and your tribe.

  2. correen hope says:

    Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! delighted for you all!

  3. Yerda says:

    The queue starts behind me and Yerma!!!! Soon be over with you!!!!

  4. Nicola says:

    Wow, it looks amazing! Is it weird that I am jealous of your laundry room?!!

  5. pamela krol says:

    That is great news,to build ur own house, the hair looks fab, ur new life seems so perfect, what I would give for some sun, the kids look fabby in their hats how cool is that. We looked out winter hats last week. R u getting a tan???. Just wondering.

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