Water conservation – part one!

The area we live in has had a fifteen year drought and all water is metered and very precious  so we need to use as little as possible and reuse as much as possible!

Part One – Reuse cooking water to water plants.

That is not an insignificant amount of water that would otherwise have gone down the drain.  I would never have thought twice about this in Scotland! This has the added benefit that some of the nutrients that escape when you boil veg will go back into my homegrown herbs (still alive – yay me!!)

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2 Responses to Water conservation – part one!

  1. DS says:

    Oof. That’d be hard to get used to. Is there any food-water you can’t use in plants? Salted stuff, I suppose. What about the dog? Can you give it water or does it have to wait until you take a shower and jump in with you?

    During the summer, I don’t boil anything if I don’t have to, just because the air is humid enough without adding steam. So in the summer, grilling is a great way to avoid heating up you house and spending less time in the kitchen. Fix yourself a drink, wash and quarter spuds, stick them in a ziplock with olive oil, rosemary and salt, shoogle it around, put in foil tray and chuck on a closed grill for 1/2 an hour.

    • Yeah, it’s a different world but we are getting right into it! It’s quite fun to try to work out ways to save or reuse water!!

      With regards to the dog, that is another post altogether to come up in the near future!

      The potatoes on the grill sounds great. We haven’t bought a BBQ yet but hope to get one in the very near future – our Aussie experience wouldn’t be complete without it!

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