Just so you don’t think it’s gorgeous every day!

Following my post yesterday about water conservation it has POURED non stop!  This has apparently been the wettest winter/spring in fifteen years.  Isn’t that just our luck?!  We leave Scotland to escape the minging weather and we bring it with us!  You may thank us later Australians!

Walking to school in the rain in Australia is no more fun than walking to school in Scotland.  We just power-walked up as fast as possible but this was my trek back …

The playground looked very sad in the rain!  All that clever sun shade and no sun!

My least favourite part of wet school runs is this …

*shudder* I hate it!  When I got in I immediately got changed into my black velour trackies and resolved to stay indoors all day!  I will collect the kids, if I must, but apart from that I am not going anywhere!

Another bummer about the rain is this …

Not helped by the fact that our drive has all been dug up for the pipes to be laid to the house they’re building out the back so it is just a big mudbath.  Grrr!

Finally … Our pansy Aussie dog who doesn’t like the rain still needs to go out so is constantly sitting whining at the door, as soon as he gets out and his paws get wet (and muddy!) he wants back inside only to realise that he still needs out!

Geez, I HATE the rain!

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