Water conservation – Part Two

We filter our water here – it’s not absolutely necessary but it does taste better and takes out any nasties.  The filters work out at about $11 for three months which is certainly cheaper than buying bottled water.  We bought a few bottles a while back and just refill them before we go out.

Anyway, that’s not the conservation part.  Quite often A or R will come home from school with half a bottle of warm water left.  I *could* just make them drink it next time they want something to drink but who wants old water?  Also, sometimes one of us (usually me if I am honest!) will pour a drink but only drink part of it before being sidetracked and then hours later I go back and my water has been sitting out and warmed up and possibly been a swimming pool for a wee fly (probably not, but who knows?!) so I have a bottle on the bench which is for ‘waste water’. 

This is what Larry gets.  As he would merrily drink out of a muddy puddle then I figure recycled water is perfectly fine for him!  Most of it ends up soaked into his floppy ears or splashed across the floors anyway so I am very glad not to be using extra metered water for that!

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2 Responses to Water conservation – Part Two

  1. sarah says:

    I’m fascinated by this – does your average australian think this carefully about their water? How do you cope with the major water usages i.e. shower water and toilet flushing? are the toilets specially modified to reduce the amount of water they use? my father was head of waste water control in oman for several years and whilst water was a very precious commodity it wasn’t as carefully controlled as you’re mentioning. Perhaps that was less focused on environmental reasons and more just on cost.

    • Hello! No, I don’t think most Australians think about it in as much depth as we have. Obviously, some people will be doing way more than us, especially in more arrid areas, but generally I think we are a bit more aware because it is new to us. When we need more water (next year when our garden is done) we will save water from the shower or bath (any non-soapy water) to use in the garden beds. This is done in the incredibly high tech way of having a bucket in the shower stall!! Toilets have a short or long flush button rather than just a single handle. Part of our water conservation is environmental and part of it is financial – it seems silly to pour water (even just a cent or two) down the drain if it could be used elsewhere so for things like plant watering and dog bowl filling recycled or reclaimed water is perfect! I am such a geek but I find all this really interesting and fun!

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