We won’t be rushing out here …

I walked past this restaurant today and it made me giggle …

In non-silly news today, I had a job interview.  It was in the accounts department of a supermarket.  I had a chat with the boss, explained what I had been doing for the last seven years (big hole in my CV – establishing and running your own business doesn’t count for much apparently) and then I had a computer test.  I hope it went ok but even if I get the job I am not sure that I would be able to take it.  During the summer holidays I would be working every week day (that’s not fun, I like spending my summers with A and R and especially this one when we have lots of new stuff to do!) and putting them in childcare would take up all my wages PLUS an extra $12!!!  I don’t see any reason why I couldn’t do the job from home but I am not sure the employer would go for it – I will ask though, nothing ventured nothing gained!

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