As in ‘boooo, that’s rubbish’ not ‘Boo!  Scared you!’ 

I had my tonsils out earlier this year after having tonsillitis a gazillion times in six months.  They were taken out just before we left Windsor Drive and we all thought, ‘Hurrah!  No more throat infections!’ and for a few months I was delighted every time someone had a cold and I DIDN’T get a sore throat (usually my tonsils would get up and have a party whenever ANYONE else was sick!).  Well, now my throat is aching, my neck is painful and I can barely swallow and if I didn’t know better then I’d say I have tonsillitis.

So I am feeling miserable.  Despite the beautiful day outside my window I just want to go back to my bed and hibernate!

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2 Responses to Boooooooo

  1. David says:

    Awww. Is there anything you can take for it?

  2. Nicola says:

    oh no, get better soon x

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