Well this wasn’t the best day ever!

Just to preface this – I am pouting and being petulant the whole way through typing this – just so you know!

Today we saw the house people and called off the sale.  This followed a couple of weeks of weighing up pros and cons, swinging wildly from ‘Let’s just go for it’ to ‘This doesn’t feel right’.  Eventually the cons and the bad gut feeling won.  We are disappointed but I think it was the right decision.

Let me fill in the gaps a bit.  When we first found out about the house we were given the costs and then went away to get the go-ahead from the bank.  That was fine, we were well within our budget.  So we went to go ahead and suddenly there was another 12k added on to the price for ‘site fees’ – gulp, but ok.  Then there was going to be another 24k for engineering fees – gulp, that is not ok!  So they came back and said that they could resite the house for ‘just’ an extra 7k – smaller gulp but we could deal with it.  At this point we felt uneasy that the company weren’t being straight with us.  We had asked how much it would be to build a house with them and they had omitted nineteen thousand dollars from the price.  Now that is not an insignificant amount of money!!  But we loved the plot, we loved the house and so we recalculated and we could still go for it.

We had a conveyancer look over the plans and she came back to say that the land was to be 10k more than we thought it was, but that we would get this back through a government rebate.  This was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  We had no confidence that, despite assurances to the contrary, the company wouldn’t come on some hiccup half way through building and we would have to magic up another 10, 15 or 20 thousand dollars.

I had asked some of the people we have met here and our local family for their opinions and all seemed a little (and a lot) suspect.  On doing some research into the company online all I could find were bad reviews.  Now, I am willing to take these with a pinch of salt because in most review sites it is only people who have had an extreme experience who feel the need to post their review but it didn’t help our already growing apprehension.

We saw the chap today, told him that we were pulling out and he did his best to dissuade us.  He told us how his company would be cheaper than any other we would find, that buying an established home would be more expensive, that he could sell that house a million times over – he did his job but when the trust is gone with someone it is not going to come back just because he says so.

So there you go.  We are disappointed but also a little relieved which must show us that our misgivings were strong enough.  It has made us re-evaluate what we want and more importantly, what we need.  A brand new, four bedroomed house in the hills would be lovely but we don’t ‘need’ it.  Our home will be wherever we all are and we will be happy there.

In other less than wonderful news Ruby and I were at the doctors today.  Ruby has developed really flaky skin all round her eyes, nose and mouth and on the insides of her elbows.  It is eczema and she is to get cream for it when the chemist opens tomorrow morning.  She is not to be in extreme temperatures or dust (excellent move bringing her to Australia, don’t you think?!) but it’s probably not related to what she eats.  So she has escaped the asthma but has been lumbered with this instead – poor girl.  It is not bothering her too much just now and if we can get her face under control then it should be fine.

I, on the other hand, am my own little episode of ‘House’!  I went up the other week about how much I was drinking (can’t remember if I wrote about this so forgive me if I am repeating!) – when I say drinking, I just mean water!  I couldn’t get enough and as a result I was never out the loo!  All tests were coming back fine but they reckon that it is diabetes insipidus which, as I understand it, is when your body stops making a hormone that tells you you don’t need to pee.  I am to go back tomorrow to see a doc who knows more about it.

Also, just because there is not enough going on with us, I have strep throat.  I am to get anti-biotics tomorrow and it should clear up fine.

That’s the end of this jolly update from Park Towers – aren’t you glad you stopped by?!

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One Response to Well this wasn’t the best day ever!

  1. Yerda says:

    You’ve done the right thing! How could you trust them when they are not on the level with you. If you ask “What is the botttom line price including all taxes and other costs?” They should be able to tell you – especially if they build and sell 600 houses a year!! There are other builders working in Bacchus Marsh. Sorry to hear about the health problems. Hope for good outcomes on these. Nightshift at the moment so won’t be on Skype tomorrow morning – I’ll be zzzzzing!

    Lots of love + hugs


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