I am getting whiplash from these turnarounds!!!

Ok, so yesterday we had kind of got over the disappointment with the house situation.  We were looking at all the positive points of buying an existing house and staying here in Melton.  We decided that there are lots, mostly not having to pay rent AND mortgage, not having to wait almost a year for our house and not adding an extra half hour of driving on to Michael’s commute every day – half an hour a day, 2.5 hours per week, 10 hours per month, it all adds up!

We did all our usual Sunday stuff, library and shopping.  Shopping today was a bit different because this week is Week O’Steak.  I will post more about this tomorrow but suffice to say for now it involves A LOT of steak!

After I had taken that picture I realised that there was a whole bag that had not been unpacked

You may notice on the table that there are a shedload of lotions and potions to help flaky girl feel better.  She is delighted at the thought that she has ‘shower gel’ (soap free wash) that Alexander isn’t allowed!

I was a bit worried when we were standing in the chemist waiting for our prescriptions that the cream would be $500 per tube – we just have no idea of the cost of things like this as we have been spoiled by our lovely NHS prescriptions but thankfully, for this medication, it worked out about seven quid for all she needs – well worth it!

After doing the shopping I went to the docs and had another two hour wait to see the chap who knows more about drinking/peeing than yesterday’s chap.  Thank goodness I took my book!  This chap doesn’t think it is diabetes insipidus, he thinks it is psychogenic polydipsia which (when put into Wikipedia) is described as ‘usually not seen outside the population of those with serious mental disorders’.  I would type ha ha but would that be seen as manic laughter?!!  As I understand it, it is a wrong wiring of the brain where you think you are really thirsty but you are not.  I have to limit my drinking to one glass of water per hour and in time my brain will get the gist.

But just to be sure, they have taken MORE blood.  I swear there must be more of my blood up there than there is keeping me going just now!

After dinner we had our usual sunday night routine of faffing about while we SHOULD be getting things ready for Monday morning and Ruby got on Skype to speak to her wee friend Sarah.  Sarah had big news, she had her ears pierced this week so Ruby couldn’t wait to see her and they could swap ‘I didn’t think it was sore at all’ stories!

While they were chatting Alexander shouted to us from his room.  He was in pain, terrible pain in his lower left abdominal region.  I did as every good mother should do and told him to go and have a poo.  He couldn’t even move though.  Couldn’t sit down, couldn’t stand up and he was ROARING (those who know Alexander in real life will know how loud he can be!).  Sarah’s Mummy, my good friend Correen is a nurse and so I ran through to see what she thought.  Kid’s abdo pain is so varied that it was unfair of me really but she said we should get him checked out so we quickly said goodbye and took off for the drop-in clinic. 

I carried him in while Michael parked the car.  Alexander was still crying the whole time.  We were asked to take a seat and someone would be with us soon.  It was probably about 10-15 minutes of roaring child before they bumped him up and took him through to see the doctor.  He was just beside himself with pain.  The docs wanted to send him to the hospital and they phoned an ambulance for him.  The nurse gave him some pain relief but it still didn’t seem to be working.  Michael whizzed off to Linda and Hughie’s house to leave Ruby with them.  They wanted to take A into the children’s hospital in the city as that is where the closest surgical cover was – EEEK!!  Then slowly but surely his pain ebbed away and by the time the ambulance arrived he was at least coherant again.  By the time we got to the hospital he was fine and dandy!  The docs wanted to keep him for a while just to check that the painkillers weren’t just masking the pain, they checked him over, asked lots of questions and then sent us home.

It was hideous o’clock by the time we got home but we had our boy, all in one piece and every bit as medically annoying as his mother!

A day off school all round (although Michael still went to work – that’s devotion for you!) and we just took it easy.  My throat was still killing me and we were all tired after the night before.  I did loads of laundry and did some of the jobs I should have been doing last night. 

I decided to phone some of the local estate agents to see if they had anything we would be interested in.  One said that he had a great one that seemed to fit the bill for us.  I made an appointment and phoned Michael to tell him to get home ASAP tonight.

When he got home we went out straight away and viewed the house

We LOVED it!  It has three bedrooms – one ensuite, a laundry room, a lovely, modern kitchen, a sitting room, a bathroom and a HUGE tiled family/dining/living room.  Outdoors there is a garden, not huge but big enough for us and a great covered patio which will be FAB for BBQs (or drying laundry in the winter!).  It is immaculate, perfectly plainly decorated and we can move in within three weeks!

It has been a rollercoaster of a week but fingers crossed this will all come together just right!

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2 Responses to I am getting whiplash from these turnarounds!!!

  1. David Smith says:

    Blimey! Your thirst isn’t caused by your inability to sit still, is it?

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