Week O’ Steak – day one!

So yesterday I mentioned that it was Week O’Steak this week.  For people who don’t know, WOS is a festival created by my brother, David (he’s my only brother so I don’t know why I qualified that for you!).  He is not religious and while he (somewhat grudgingly) participates in Christmas/Easter etc for the sake of family harmony, he doesn’t feel invested in these festivals so he has created something he can really believe in – eating good food!  I believe that he once mentioned to a friend that he could eat steak every night and love it, his friend didn’t believe him and so WOS was born.  It is inadvisable to lay down food related challenges to my family, otherwise we come up with stuff like this – just wait until War Week next month!

WOS has some rules and all must be obeyed.

  • You must eat a steak every night for one week
  • You must eat the steak in it’s entirety so choose wisely (no gristle, no bones etc)
  • You may eat a ‘steak’ other than a beef steak (eg Tuna, gammon) but you must eat it with your little fingers up in a genteel manner!  This is a get out for those worried about their arteries.

This has been running for eight years now (I remember because the first WOS was just after Alexander started eating solid food and so he joined in the very first WOS with pureed steak and carrots!) and we have been on board every year!

This week we have lots of yummy steak recipes and this was the first – Steak Tacos

I made a marinade with 1/4 cup of olive oil, 2tbsp lemon juice, 1tsp ground cumin, 2 cloves of minced garlic, 1tbsp chopped coriander, then took two pieces of BBQ steak and made sure they were all covered and left them for a while.

I finely sliced a red onion and cut a couple of red peppers into thin slices and cooked them down really slowly so they were soft.  I then cooked the steak on our ridged pan for a couple of minutes on each side.  We have never cooked steak any other way for the kids so luckily they like their steak the same way we do – medium rare.  I let it rest for a couple of minutes while I assembled the tacos then cut it into thin strips.

I put the onions and peppers into the taco shells and topped with the steak strips then chucked in some sour cream and grated cheese.  I topped it all off with chopped coriander from our pots outside (yay me and my homegrown herbs!)

It was very yummy, even Ruby, our somewhat reluctant steak eater gobbled it up!

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