Michael’s birthday and Halloween

Today was Michael’s birthday – and also Halloween.  I suppose that could either be pretty cool or really annoying when he was little.  He’d never have to think of a theme to his party but then you’d also have to be really organised to make sure everyone got your invitation before anyone else decided to have a party.  Nowadays his birthday is kind of overshadowed a little by the stuff we do for the kids – this seems to suit him fine as he is ALLERGIC TO FUSS!  I am the Queen of Fuss, I love it when there is a hoopla or a to-do made of any occasion but Michael prefers to let occasions slip by with nothing more than a brief nod!

Michael had said that no-one was to get him anything for his birthday.  He says this every year and every year we ignore him!  Maybe one year I won’t get him anything just to try to shock him!  LOL, who am I kidding?!

This year the kids and I got him a coffee maker.  Nothing fancy but we thought it would make the early rise for work a bit nicer!

Mum and Dad sent him a fabulous present – a hammock!  My brother has one in his garden and he LOVES it – it is sooooooo relaxing to swing in a hammock in the sunshine.  Well now we have one at Park Towers too!

I foresee that there will be MANY arguments this summer over who gets to be in the hammock (and that’s just between Michael and me!),  I think there is a fair chance that someone will do themselves some moderate damage by falling out of the hammock but neither of these facts are worth not having it!  Look at how happy having a hammock (and a beer and cake) can make you …

There are probably some people who have never seen Michael that happy!

I made some cakes, not a birthday cake because that could be construed as ‘fuss’ but just some birthday-esque cupcakes.  They were the vanilla cupcakes from the Hummingbird Bakery book and they always turn out super-yummy (if I say so myself!).  I love the HBB but I don’t know how on earth they make 12 cupcakes out of the recipe in the book, I always double it and still have to hold my breath when I divvy up the mixture!

Ruby was wondering how Daddy was only five!

The Stewarts came down for some tea/beer and cake and took a pic of us all together – rare event!

I had rigged up a few halloween games for the kids because between our week from hell and the weirdness of having halloween in what feels like early summer, we have done NOTHING about this usually fun excuse to crack out the fancy dress and face paint!  (Like we need an excuse!)

As you can see – no emotional turmoil filled week is too much for Ruby to eschew a costume opportunity!

This is possibly the worst photo EVER of Ruby!  Check out her Nanny McPhee tooth!  I told her today that never mind the tooth fairy – I would give her $2 if she pulled the blooming thing out before bedtime today!  Between that and her multiple chins, poor girl!  But look at how happy she is with her apple on a fork!

We did the ‘sweeties in icing sugar’ game too – after the dooking of course for maximum sticky-ness!

Cameron had never played these games before but got stuck right in!

This week is going to be soo much better than last week – with any luck we will get the valuation back for the house and that will mean that all is good to go for the end of November.  I start work at the doctor’s surgery tomorrow.  I have set out my clothes, washed my hair and got as much as possible organised for the morning so that everything will go smoothly.  It does feel odd that I am going to have a job for the first time in nine years where I can’t wear my pyjamas while I am working!

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3 Responses to Michael’s birthday and Halloween

  1. Tracey says:

    Great update, Laura, and wonderful photos. Great to see the kids (and Michael!) having so much fun

    Happy birthday Michael and Happy Halloween to all!
    They don’t do Halloween in Portugal so our day is reduced to a few decorations that Mum and I brought over from the UK. It is a public holiday tomorrow though (All Saints Day) so that kinda makes up for it!

  2. Nicola says:

    Good Luck on your first day Laura! x

  3. correen says:

    Hey Sarah was a cat too for halloweeen outfits almost identical! looks like you all had fun!

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