Melbourne Cup day

Today we all had a day off.  Because of a horse race.  What a country!!

The Melbourne Cup is a big horse race and everyone gets all excited about it.  I would guess that EVERY office in the land has a sweepstake.  People have parties, go out to pubs, and get all dressed up to enjoy it.

We all sat round the telly watching the build up – well, Ruby and I sat round the table making butterflies while watching the build up.

We watched all the fancy folk telling us ‘who’ they were wearing – what nonsense!  I was just desperate for someone to say ‘Primark’ (but they wouldn’t, because there is no Primark here – boo!)

The build up was very exciting!  Everyone was raving about the horse I had drawn, ‘So You Think’, as though there was no other horse in the race.  He was trained by some Aussie legend bloke called Bart Cummings.  He has trained twelve previous winners so he seemed a pretty safe bet.  Cummings has only just been released from hospital after being admitted with a ‘respiritory condition’ earlier this week – this has been all over the news!  Well, he was interviewed on the TV today and he’s a bit of a prat.  He was really grumpy and quite rude to the reporter.  I suppose maybe he was nervous or still a bit ill but seriously, if you are on TV being watched by most people in the country then I would have thought you’d put your happy face on just for a few minutes!

When it came time for the race we all gathered round to watch.  It was dull as ditchwater!  It is a flat race with nice gentle curves so none of the heart-stopping moments of the Grand National, no worrying if they will all make it over Beechers Brook , very little, if any, threat of death!  It was all over in a few minutes and nothing much happened.  My horse, the favourite came third.  Meh, bit of an anti-climax really!

Apart from that, nothing much happened today.  We took the dog out for a walk along the very swollen creek.  Michael made the mistake of telling the kids that there may be snakes about (they kind of wake up at this time of year apparently) so Alexander was shouting, ‘LOOK, IT’S A SNAKE!!’ at every stick or piece of grass in the water and ‘Oooh, that’s a perfect place for a snake to live’ at every stone or bush.  It was tedious!

I have been making a hat (woolly, just in time for summer!) and I finished it today.  It is currently blocking over a dinner plate so that it stays in the right shape!

I am not very good about doing stuff like this.  I am more of a haphazard knitter.  I never knit a tension swatch (does anyone?), I only just learned to sew up properly and I have only ever blocked three of my finished projects but they do look so much better when you do so I am now converted.  In the case of this project though, it had to be done.  It is supposed to be a beret style hat and without blocking it would be a mis-shapen beanie!  I can’t wait to see what it’s like on!

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