Good heavens – eight days and no blog!

We haven’t fallen off the face of the planet!  I just can’t keep up with what is going on and haven’t had a minute to write anything!

Lots going on here – I can’t remember what order it all comes in so I will just get writing.

I have been working full time and then some.  I am really enjoying the job.  It is busy and varied and the other receptionists are a really good laugh.  I have one more week of pretty intensive training and then I go down to 2 or 3 days per week which will make things much easier because I can’t get anything else done when I am working all the time!! 

The kids have gone to Linda’s a few times when I am doing shifts that clash with school times – she is a star!  Today she had to take Cameron to a golf day so couldn’t take them and they went to breakfast club for the first time in their wee lives.  I don’t know why I feel bad about this, they have had me at their beck and call for their whole lives!  As it happens, they LOVED it!  They can’t wait to go back (though they won’t have to very often, if at all once I am on my rostered shifts) so that is good!

The paperwork for the house continues apace.  We are still on track for a 30 day completion which would have us moving in on the 26th November – eeeek, that’s just over two weeks away AND halfway through my folks’ visit AND on a day when I am working a long day AND on the day of our work’s night out!!!!  WHY can’t we do anything by halves?!  I think cloning is the only way to go!  We haven’t worked out how we’ve going to work it all just yet but we will!

Ruby’s wonky tooth FINALLY came out

Hurray!  It had been sticking out at an impossible looking angle for weeks and driving me NUTS!  She got out of the pool and as I wrapped her in her towel I kind of bumped her face (totally unintentionally – honestly!) and the tooth finally gave up completely.  The tooth fairies came and gave her an especially shiny coin for the trouble she had with it.

We had our first go in Linda & Hughie’s pool.  Ruby’s swimming has improved so much – it was lovely to see her splashing about without freaking out!  Hughie did a great BBQ

(he does have shorts on under the pinny!)  It was so good that I had seconds and couldn’t bend afterwards!  We had a great time chilling out in the garden in the sunshine.  We took the hammock with us – it is now called the Mohammock though as that is what Ruby always calls it.  I don’t know if that is dodgy or not but it is not meant in a malicious way so I am comfortable with it!

Larry has recovered well from his little boy’s op.  He is such a lovely dog and is doing so well with being left in while I am working.  I was sure I would be coming home to puddles (or worse!) but he has been perfectly wonderful and that is a real weight off my mind.  It also bodes well for weekends when we want to go out but can’t take him with us.  I still don’t like to leave him for long though, it must be so boring for him poor wee soul!  We make sure he has a nice big walk and some crazy running about time to make up for it a bit.  That is another reason I will be glad to go onto my part time shifts – I miss my fluffy boy!  (Pic by Ruby!)

 Oh, and we went to the town fireworks display.  The whole day was a carnival but I was at work so only got to the evening bit.  I couldn’t get over the fact that it November, it was after 9pm and we were outside, wearing shorts!

It was a real family event with half the town there – all with deckchairs and snacky stuff.  There was a concert until the fireworks started which Ruby loved.

For Alexander though, it was all about the fireworks!  He was jumping around like crazy when they went off (he is off the ground here!)

He was so excited that I was asked if this was the first time he had ever seen fireworks – erm, no, he’s just a pretty enthusiastic kid!  I love that about him!  I would love to be open enough to be able to jump for joy when I see something I like!

I am sure there is a setting on my camera that takes pics of fireworks properly – this one is ok

but I quite like the wooooooooo-ness of this one!

Right – that’ll do for now!  I still have a gazillion things to do before work tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Good heavens – eight days and no blog!

  1. Yerda says:

    Blog at last! Keep it coming. Great photos.

  2. Lana says:

    You should be very proud of the fireworks pictures. Those are terrific!

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