I have a new favourite phrase!

I love the Aussie lingo.  In fact, I like any language that has funny words and phrases.  I suppose all languages and dialects have their individual characteristics and that is what makes them interesting.

In Scots, I love how words are so emotive.  In my business I used a few of these words as product names so the Coorie (Scots word for cuddle or snuggle) is the name of our fleece sling, the Peerie (Scots word for small) is a cotton sling that folds up really neatly.  Two of my favourite Scots words are ‘shoogly’ (shaky or loose) and ‘dreich’ (dull and miserable) – they seem to convey the meaning of the words so much better than their English counterparts.

Anyway, the typical characteristics of Australian dialect are firstly, to shorten the word and add an ‘o’.  So ‘Ambulance’ becomes Ambo (this is also used for ‘paramedic’), ‘Service station’ (petrol station) becomes ‘Servo’, ‘Afternoon’ becomes ‘Arvo’ – and so on.

There is also a wealth of fantastic sayings, some of which I have mentioned before – ‘drink a cup of concrete’ (toughen up), ‘fuller than a Pommie complaint box’ (self explanatory!) and then there is my new favourite …

‘She’s cracking the shits’

Basically, it means ‘she is getting annoyed’ but I don’t know where on earth it came from or how it came about.  I just find it really funny.  Here are some examples of how it can be used.

‘I’m going to crack the shits if you don’t pick up all those Polly Pockets on your bedroom floor.’

‘That little old lady has been waiting for her appointment for 40 minutes – she’s over there cracking the shits’

Now, it’s never going to make the verb table books, but I for one think that the use of this phrase should be actively encouraged so go on folks, slip it into the convo (;-)) today!

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One Response to I have a new favourite phrase!

  1. correen says:

    LOL . I could use that particular saying many times a day!

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