Sunday shopping – the parents’ edition!

This is just a quickie today because we are too busy enjoying ourselves to blog about it!!  That is a nice way to be!

My folks arrived and it was unbelieveably wonderful to see them.  We are having loads of fun and I am loving showing them round all the good stuff we have been doing in the last few months since we saw them.

One of the things I was really looking forward to was showing my Mum the produce warehouse where we do our shopping.  It sounds really silly but for a family with an appreciation of good food and fresh,quality ingredients this place is heavenly!  Sure enough Mum loved it!

I love that place – I always marvel at how all the fruit looks like it has been polished before it has been displayed and I knew Mum would appreciate that too!

Doesn’t she look remarkably sparkly for someone who has been up for about 48 hours and dragged to the shops on her holiday?!!

We came home with this …..

From this little lot we will make

  • Sunday – Hughie, BBQ
  • Monday – Laura, Pan Fried Scallops from Jamie Oliver’s Meals in 30 mins book (new pressie from Mum and Dad!
  • Tuesday – Mum, Steak in Blue Cheese Sause
  • Wednesday – Dad, Chicken Pilaf
  • Thursday – Laura, Cherry tomato pasta
  • Friday – It’s my work night out so we will probably order food in for the kids and folks!
  • Saturday – Laura & Ruby are at Guide camp (Oh deep joy!  Usually I would be really looking forward to this but it is so badly timed what with Mum and Dad being here and us moving house!)
  • Sunday – Laura, Chicken Parmagiana
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3 Responses to Sunday shopping – the parents’ edition!

  1. Nicola says:

    Your mum does look great! I hope you have a wonderful time with the parents.
    That Jamie Oliver book is on my wish list, lucky you! x

  2. David says:

    Indelible List Of Smith Things To Do On Holiday:
    1) Pose with food.

    The food plan looks great. Have a wonderful time!

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