Saturday and Sunday

We’ve been having a lot of fun since Mum and Dad arrived.  On Saturday we just chilled and they recovered.  Then on Sunday we caught up with the Stewarts.  We went to St Kilda with Linda and walked along the front …

We wandered round the market …

And my Dad was there to show that all four of us really *are* here at the same time!

It was warm but windy and we had an ice cream from our favourite ice cream shop.  As Mum and Dad aren’t great fans of ice cream, they had a shandy instead!

St Kilda is where the people in Neighbours go for a day out – home of Luna Park – I am in no rush to go there as I hate anywhere with rides.  Dodgems are about the limit of my fun-fair enjoyment!  I like the entry-way though!

When we got home from there we went to the Stewarts’ for a BBQ.  Hughie did a lovely job on the Barbi while the kids swam in the pool…

and jumped in the pool …

and – erm – ‘dived’ in the pool …

We sat and chatted and then ate, and ate and ate!

A great weekend was had by all!

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2 Responses to Saturday and Sunday

  1. Lana says:

    Great pix! Love seeing all the family and hear about your fine holiday.

  2. DS says:

    Great pictures!

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