Major Update!

Eeek! It has been a while! We have had such a busy month that there has barely been time to draw breath never mind write about it! Mum and Dad were here and it was LOVELY to see them. When they left I felt so bad that we didn’t get the chance to give them the fantastic holiday I wanted to plan for them. All the hassle with the house went right to the eleventh hour so our days out were punctuated with phone calls to the bank and conveyancer. Then we finally did get the keys and we had to move house in torrential rain – made worse by the fact that I was away at Guide Camp with Ruby. It was torrential rain where we were camping too and as we stood outside getting soaked to the skin I did question the wisdom of my choices recently! Mum, Dad and Michael worked their butts off getting everything moved/cleaned – this was not how I wanted my parents to be spending their holiday.

I had started camp with a slight dry cough, I came home as sick as a dog but didn’t want to miss anything with the folks so I doped myself up and kept going. We had some lovely days out. A lovely day in Daylesford looking round all the fancy wee shops, a FANTASTIC day at Sovereign Hill in Ballarat (it was HOT that day!) a perfect day at Michael’s boss’s house for lunch(where the kids spent five hours in the pool!)– Ruby particularly liked the dessert – a huge, yummy, fresh fruit pavlovaa fun day in Melbourne revisiting the Immigration Museum (hmm, our family really have spread themselves far and wide!  Mum is pointing to Scotland, Ruby to Melbourne and Dad to Minneapolis where David is!) and a great day in Bendigo at the Chinese Museum.

We also celebrated Mum’s 60th birthday with a slap up lunch and then a surprise party! Over the past few weeks I had been sneaking off to balloon shops, caterers etc to get everything together and SOMEHOW Mum didn’t twig before everyone jumped out at her. This is nothing short of miraculous as A – Mum knows everything and B – Ruby and Alexander knew about it and are RUBBISH about keeping secrets! I really hope Mum had a good day and that Dad is pleased with how it came together. I was so pleased to be able to spend her special birthday with her! It was really odd to spend her usually chilly birthday in shorts by the pool! (Mum had asked them to jump in so the splashes could soak her!)

Waving them off was sad as we are now not really sure when we will see them again. When we left Penicuik we already had this countdown of when we’d see them again and now we don’t have that. I don’t like that. Hopefully it won’t be too long though and I know one thing for sure – we won’t be moving house next time!!

Now the house. The house is great! I love our house. We have most of our boxes unpacked but it is still a work in progress as I have been working non-stop since Mum and Dad left. I was supposed to have a day off yesterday but I was called in. That was my sixth day in a row and will put me at about 50 hours this week – not bad for a part time job, huh?! I will try to get some pics to give you a virtual tour of the house over the next day or two. We have so much space it is fantastic! The kids both have their own rooms with built in wardrobes so they have loads of playing space but as well as this we have a big area with a tiled floor where Alexander can set up all his army toys or Ruby can bring out her Zhu Zhu pet house (that will only make sense to anyone with a 4-8 year old girl!)

The garden needs a LOT of work and is pretty much unusable (is that a word?!) just now but we have some good plans and we’re looking forward to bringing it up to how we want it over the summer.

Before they left, Mum and Dad bought us an AMAZING barbeque as a Christmas present and Auntie Eliz gave us a lovely little bistro set which we have set up on the porch in the hope that we may get a while to relax soon. Oooh, I just had a thought, I could do my blog out there in the evenings – that would be nice.

The dry cough I took to camp with me has turned into a big, barky asthmatic episode. I have had a course of anti-biotics which have helped a little but I am still on two inhalers and wheezing all day. Now we are in full ‘gearing up for Christmas’ mode which is odd because we are having 28-30c days! It feels very strange doing Christmas shopping in flip-flops and hearing carols played in shops that you have only entered to take advantage of their air conditioning! The kids finish school this Friday and are finally off for the summer holidays they were due six months ago. Michael has three weeks off too which will be great. I am probably going to be working as much as possible while I don’t need to be thinking about childcare. Hopefully we’ll get some nice family days away too.

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2 Responses to Major Update!

  1. Tracey Hand says:

    Great update!
    Glad your folks had a great trip. Hopefully it’ll not be long until you lure them back 😉
    I know what you mean about Christmas shopping in the heat. We did a fair bit last year, while we were in Oz, and it is really really odd! Messes with your head LOL
    We also had a fantastic day at Sovereign Hill. It’s one of those places we didn’t expect to enjoy but was actually a great day out! (bit like the Great Ocean Road, actually!)
    Have an awesome Christmas in the sun, Laura and family 🙂

  2. Nicola says:

    Well you certainly have been busy! Glad you are all moved in and looking forward to seeing pics of the new house! x

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