And so it begins …

The summer holidays that is.  We started on a good note with a trip into Melbourne with the Stewarts to see the Myers window.  We stood in a queue for about half an hour and then saw the decorated windows – this year in ‘The Nutcracker’ theme.  The Nutcracker is a bt creepy I think, but the windows were really good!  We went into the store and A & R had a go on the Christmas Train (Alexander would have been in heaven four years ago but he still enjoyed it!)  There was an activity in the shop to make sand pictures but there were gazillions of kids and it was all very bustly – I like making stuff but not enough to have to deal with other people’s kids while doing it!  We bought a kit to do at home and then the kids chose a new ornament for the tree each. 

We went into the Casino to see the Christmas show there – more moving puppety things and then a choir (complete with a poor woman in the front row who needed a really good cough but was trying to look serene).  The kids loved it and it was a really good show.

One of the perks of Hughie’s job is that he gets to park on-site right in the middle of the city so we just hopped in the car and he drove home.

Today the kids were keen to get on with their sand pictures so I got out all the teeny, tiny tupperwares I have to put each colour of sand in.  They really enjoyed it and took ages getting things just as they wanted them!

After that, the kids went to play outside with some of the neighbour kids.  They are a nice bunch round here and all go to A & R’s new school – hurrah!

I went to take the dog for a walk (wearing a new halti – him that is, not me, because I am sick of him lunging at birds/bikes/other dogs with over enthusiasm!  He doesn’t like it but it makes my experience more enjoyable and when he gets used to it he will enjoy it more too!) we got halfway round the block when the heavens opened and we got soaked to the skin.  I ran all the way home to find the kids under the porch amazed at this crazy rain that seemed to come from no-where!

We went in and I had to have a complete change of clothes – right down to my undies!  I looked like I had jumped into a swimming pool with my clothes on!

In the afternoon we went to the shops to get some last minute gifts.  I think that is everyone sorted now – just my edible gifts to make on Christmas Eve morning!

Before dinner I made some mini-quiches to take to our work Secret Santa night.  I had been stumped as to what to take but then I had a flash of inspiration.  One of the snacks we have quite often at work (I love that I work with fellow snacky people!!) is strong cheddar and sun dried tomatoes on crackers.  It is YUMMY!  I decided to make the wee mini-quiches with the same cheese and tomatoes.  They look good – hopefully they will be nice!  (Note – a few have already been pinched!)

I also tried out a recipe for fudgecicles and used my bargain ice lolly moulds – $2 for 8 lolly moulds, fantastic!

They are currently cooling on the bench before spending the night in the freezer and then we will get a real verdict but for now it looks promising …

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One Response to And so it begins …

  1. Yerda says:

    The fudgecicles will be a hit with “The Ice Cream King”.

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