Six months since we arrived …

What a wild six months it has been!!

We left Scotland on 22nd June 2010 and arrived in Melbourne on the 23rd.  That makes today our six month anniversary of being Australian residents.

We planned our move over here for about five years.  We filled in forms, we provided LOTS of information, we jumped through hoops and cut through red tape and finally we got here.

When we arrived we were greeted with a warm, friendly welcome from some of the nicest, most open people you could find.  Australia welcomed us in and provided us with a home, Michael’s job, a great car and even our perfect puppy within a couple of weeks.

There followed a few months where the kids went to school, Michael went to work and I spent much of my time sweeping and mopping (remember the days of sweeping and mopping?!) or baking until I got a job (thank goodness I did or else I would have been the size of a house!!)

We had a few bumpy moments but mostly it has been a great half year of exploring our new home and meeting lots of new people.

We still miss people from Scotland, of course, but the internet is a fantastic thing and we have been able to keep in contact with anyone who wants to speak to us. 

I would never have dreamed that we would be as settled and organised as we are already (when I say organised I mean ‘situation sorted’ – not tidy, as you will know from any photos you have seen – tidy is not our natural bent!) there is lots that we still want to do but we have worked so hard over the last six months to have all the basics in place so that we can get on and enjoy our new life.

Life is very different to how it was six months ago.  For a start, I haven’t worn a jacket for over a month 🙂  I am working outside the home for the first time in AGES.  I have a job that not only gives us a bit of extra cash and helped to secure our mortgage but is also enjoyable and has introduced me to a whole load of fun people.  Michael is really enjoying his work – that’s not really different because he liked his job in Scotland too but it is always a good thing to like your work and the furniture he is working on offers different challenges. 

I am so proud of how Alexander and Ruby have settled into life here.  That was always our biggest concern.  They have adjusted really well to school here.  They have made friends, they have kept up with their school work (in fact Alexander’s reading has progressed by over two years according to his report!) and they have come on leaps and bounds in their swimming – they are like little otters now!

I am sure there will be days when we will question the wisdom of our decision to move our lives 10,505 miles across the world but right now I am so pleased with how our first six months have gone here and I can’t wait to see what adventures the next six months will bring!

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One Response to Six months since we arrived …

  1. yerda says:

    Happy half anniversary!!!! Well done Parks and Parklets!!!!!

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