We are just home from a really lovely day by the sea.  My Mum’s cousin’s wife’s husband (got that?!) owns a holiday home in Portarlington which is at the opposite side of the bay to Melbourne and so Linda and Hughie took us all down there for the day for a bit of a family meet-up.  It’s pretty late so I won’t go into much detail (who said ‘thank goodness’!!!?!!!) but here are the pics of the day ….

Alexander, Zac (Mum’s cousin, Mark’s son) and Ruby in the bay.

Ruby is braver than all the boys!

Alexander takes to the crease – or some such cricketting term – though his stance is somewhat unusual!

This is the girl who six months ago wouldn’t put her shoulders in the bathwater never mind swim in the open sea!!

Alexander and Mark celebrating an ‘out’!

Cameron bowling like a pro!

Alexander, Cameron, Zac, Linda, Ruby and I on the way home.

A quick stop for ice cream …

Of course, Alexander chose the most obnoxious coloured ice cream there was!!

Ruby stuck to lemon sorbet (and Little Mermaid style posing!)

All in all it was a really fun day out for all the cousins (it’s easier just to say ‘cousins’ rather than ‘second cousins twice removed’ or whatever!!).  It was great to be out in the sunshine, in the fresh air with lovely company and seeing the kids running free!

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One Response to Portarlington

  1. Yerda says:

    Great days in the sunshine!!!!

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