New Year Tidy Up

I have spent the last two days doing very little but tidying.  Yesterday I did about ten hours and today I did about eight – I am cream crackered!!

Yesterday was spent on the kids rooms and washing.  I forgot to take ‘before’ pictures which is really annoying because, especially in Ruby’s case, you wouldn’t believe how messy her room was!  I went in the night before to give her a kiss goodnight and couldn’t even make it across the floor to her bed because of the bajillionty animals, pants, pens, dolls, shoes, books, beads, hairclips etc in the way!  All the lovely Ikea boxes were tipped out or mixed up so I went through everything and sorted it all out.  All the boxes are now labelled so hopefully she will have no excuse to leave things messy!  Three hours later it looked like this …and this …

Alexander’s was not as bad but his boxes were all mixed up and his clothes were all over the place (he has inherited his father’s laundry-basket-blindness).  It ‘only’ took two hours to get it like this …

and this …

(Can you see the laundry basket there?  I can!!)

I am really pleased with how they are now.  There are LOTS of things I want to do to the kid’s rooms – starting with getting rid of the minging curtains – but for now I just wanted their rooms to be nice, tidy places they can read or play.  I am also a firm believer that you sleep better in a tidy room.

That said, our room was a bit of a state!  Michael had brought all my knitting and sewing stuff in over Christmas because he was looking for something I had made to give as a gift (at my suggestion, I hasten to add – he wasn’t just giving my stuff away!) so it was all over the place.  Our wardrobe was a bit of a mess because all the presents had been stashed there and then when they were brought out all sorts of chaos ensued!!

I went to Kmart and bought a filing cabinet to replace the cardboard box we had been using for all our paperwork!!  It took ages to re-file everything and to sort through the ‘to be filed’ pile that had stacked up over the last couple of weeks!  This is how it looked when I was fit to drop and decided to give up!  It is markedly better than it was before though!

Just in case you missed it in that last pic – here is a better shot of all my ‘hobby crap’ as his lordship calls it!

That doesn’t include any of my paper stuff for cards, my knitting or crochet needles (that is a job for another day!) or my box of UFOs (Unfinished Objects – I am going to photograph all of them tomorrow so I can scare myself into getting them finished!!).  I am (very half-heartedly) making a vow NOT to buy any more wool until I can get all the DK, 4-ply and chunky stuff in one box.  I honestly promisely do ….

While I was doing all this, Michael has been a busy little bee bleaching all the floor (white tile) and cleaning the kitchen.  I have taken this pic while it is still not too bad as it is a room in constant motion, every time I go in there seems to be more stuff on the bench!!

In terms of how the house is laid out – the kitchen is slap bang in the middle.  To the right of the pic is a corridor which leads to Alexander’s room, followed by the main bathroom and seperate toilet and finally the laundry room.  The door you can see past the kitchen is Ruby’s room which opens onto the living room (which is back to back with the kitchen).  Our room is further down there as is the front door.  I will try to get some better lay-out pics tomorrow but for now I am practically asleep at the screen and I am working at 7.30am tomorrow so I am off to bed in my mostly-tidy room!

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One Response to New Year Tidy Up

  1. Yerda says:

    Well done Laura!!!! Looks good. Hope they keep it that way. You’ve earned a rest!

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