Well, the tidying up kind of had a set back today because all the last of our stuff from Scotland arrived.  I wasn’t in when it arrived so I don’t know how the boxes looked before Ruby went on a box-opening frenzy looking for all the treasures that she hasn’t seen for the last six months!

We had packed almost all our summer clothes so it was lovely to see them all and it will be very nice to have more than two pairs of cropped trousers to choose from!!

I haven’t unpacked everything yet but we’re getting through it and hopefully it will be organised within the next day or so (I am working for the next few days otherwise it would be done quicker!)

As promised yesterday I have taken some pics of my UFOs –

Red cabled wrist warmers

Footie colours jumper for Alexander

Uber-cabled wrist warmers – I really need to think when doing these so that’s no good!!

Chunky hat – I think I made a mistake in this which is why I ditched it.  I will probably rip it out and start again (when I have finished everything else of course!).

Yoga Socks – these are so nearly done that I will finish them tonight or tomorrow.

Little shrug thing for Roo – this just needs ribbing up the sides I think so it shouldn’t take long to finish (so why haven’t I finished it?!!)

This in no longer a UFO because I put the fringing on it tonight and that is all that was keeping it in the UFO box.

In non-UFO news, since getting my fantastic new trainers and work shoes, my feet are no longer sore.  For the first time since June last year I pulled on my trainers and went for a powerwalk!  Larry and I were out for an hour and we walked four miles.  Obviously I wasn’t doing much in the way of speed but just to get out and about without being in pain was a huge deal for me and I really want to keep this up.  While I am not training for a marathon this year, I did really enjoy my training last year and as I have put on a load of weight since not being able to exercise, this can only be a good thing!

As an added benefit, Larry LOVES being out with me.  He trotted all the way beside me and when we got home he ZONKED out on the floor.

Seconds after this pic was taken his eyes were closed, his paws were twitching and he was making little snuffly, dreamy barking noises in his sleep! 🙂

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One Response to UFOs

  1. Yerda says:

    Great to hear the trainers are working! Larry looks puggled and happy.

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