Because my Mum doesn’t ‘Facebook’ ….

Apologies to people who use Facebook who have already seen this but as my Mum doesn’t ‘do’ FB and because I want to have this on here for the future here is a clip of Ruby ‘diving’.  (Click on the blue ‘here’ to get to it)

Now, this is a cute video, but when you consider that a couple of months ago Ruby wouldn’t even put her face under the spray in the shower never mind attempt a dive in the deep end of a swimming pool, it makes me really proud.  Despite a couple of years of swimming lessons she had no confidence in the water and wouldn’t swim away from the edge of the pool, taking her to the pool ourselves didn’t help as she clung like a limpet to us, point blank refusing to swim solo.  The lessons she has had here have been AMAZING and it certainly helps that they have been in Linda and Hughie’s pool every few days of the summer holidays!

Most importantly of all, she LOVES it!

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One Response to Because my Mum doesn’t ‘Facebook’ ….

  1. Lillian Wheater says:

    Congratulations 2 both Park girls, Ruby on a super dive and Laura on passing ur driving test. X

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