Alexander’s hard earned dinner!

Every now and again Alexander gets all ‘I’m not eating this’, I let it slide for a while and then I lose the plot about cooking perfectly good food and throwing it away because people are too blooming picky.  Michael and Ruby both have their dislikes too – though not as many – so there is rarely a meal everyone likes, which you will know if you have followed my blog for a while because I am always bleating on about it!!

Anyway, I finally got sick of him saying that he wouldn’t eat rice (of any kind) or pasta (of any kind) because that cuts out about 80% of the meals we eat!  So I made a deal – I would give him a tiny portion (think average two year old) of whatever meal I make, he has to eat it in it’s entirety for six nights in a row and then he can choose any meal he likes for the seventh night and I will make it.  It was a deal!

He did really well, ate pasta and rice, even some curry without any moaning (another of my conditions!) and so he got his meal of choice – breaded fish, roast herby potatoes, broccoli and carrots (with tomato sauce for those who like that sort of thing – not me or Ruby).  He was very pleased with himself …

(I love this t-shirt, it matches his eyes and it feels lovely too – useless detail there for you!)

He already has next week’s meal planned for when he meets the next challenge – homemade tomato soup (in 40 degree heat – but it is his choice!) with giant croutons and a vegetable platter.  No wonder he is such a Skinny Minny!!

This sort of tactic works on many levels – it satisfies Alexander’s not-very-well-hidden control freakery in that he gets to decide what we all eat once a week, it encourages him to eat things he would usually refuse and it gives me a night off thinking what to make for dinner!!

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3 Responses to Alexander’s hard earned dinner!

  1. Lillian Wheater says:

    Brilliant idea, I explained this 2 Evan and we are going 2 try it 2! (and that blue tee does match Alexander’s eyes, a handsome boy)

  2. Yerda says:

    Great photo!!!! Happy looking A!!!

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