Cool Change

My apologies to my northern hemisphere friends who are currently chipping icicles off their noses – this post may make you ever so slightly sick but it is all in the name of education – honest!

Our weather is lovely this week, nice mid-20c temperatures and gentle breezes.  Last week, however, it was BOILING (by Scottish standards!) as it was mid-30c and got up to 40c a couple of days.  On days like that there is not much you can do but sit indoors, fighting over the chair under the air-conditioning vent! 

No-one goes out during the day unless they absolutely have to and the town only really comes to life after 4pm when everyone comes out hoping for a ‘cool change’.  The ‘cool change’ is kind of like the Mistral in Provence (oooh, I sound like such a seasoned traveller!) and is a welcome friend here in Victoria!  The temperature can drop from 40c to 20c in about half an hour when the cool change comes in and it feels great!

I had taken the kids to the park when it hit that day – in one direction the sky looked like this…

and the cool change came in the other direction looking like this …

It looks like two different days but the photos were taken within seconds of each other!

What would be great would be if the cool change came and then it warmed up again, sadly, this was not the case that day – it was the beginning of the torrential rain that brought with it the horrendous floods all down the east of the country.  That is a post for another day …

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