Cornish Pasties on a hot day.

Today was over 30 degrees celcius – it should have been a day for lounging about and eating watermelon, instead we went out for a walk, baked some cookies and I made Cornish pasties!!  Madness!

I had planned to investigate a bit further up the road from where we live but we only got ten minutes away from the house and we were all boiled!  I had packed snacks and water so we stopped under a gazebo thing in a wee park up the road.  Alexander was somewhat dramatic – for a change …

Larry was not particularly enjoying the heat!  I had brought water for him too though and he was most grateful

(Larry’s halter is not because he is a ferocious beast – it is a halti, a special collar that stops him pulling.  He doesn’t love it but it makes walking him a lot nicer!)

After that we were all set to go … … go straight back home that is and sit under the air conditioning until Linda came for us to take us back to hers for a swim in the pool before coming home again for dinner.

The pasties turned out really well.  I had never made them before so that fulfilled my resolution for this week!

I made my own pastry by cutting 125g of butter, adding it to 1 2/3 cups of plain flour and a pinch of salt.  I zapped them all in the food processor I bought with the bonus my bosses gave me at Christmas.  I beat up an egg and added a little water (about a tbsp) and added all that to the butter/flour breadcrumbs in the food processor.  I mixed it until it all stuck together and then whacked it in the freezer while I made the filling.

The filling should really be strips of beef but I only had mince so that would have to do.  I grated a carrot and an onion and then mixed it with 300g mince, some seasoning and some dried herbs.

I split the pastry into four, rolled it into circles and put a big spoonful of the filling in the middle, joined the sides of the pastry together, crimped the edges and brushed the whole thing with egg then put it on a piece of baking paper on top of a baking tray and stuck it in a preheated oven for about 45 minutes.

They were YUMMY!!  I very rarely have ketchup but this seemed like the sort of thing that it should go with!  I will definitely make these again, but I might choose a cooler day for it!

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2 Responses to Cornish Pasties on a hot day.

  1. Tracey Hand says:

    (and LOL at A, bless him!)
    Definitely going to try those pasties. I *need* a food processor. I’ve noticed with the increased amount of cooking/baking I’ve been doing since moving here, that it’s a piece of kitchen equipment I could really use (previously to living here, the ONLY pieces of kitchen equipment I had were a handheld electric whisk and a set of kitchen scales LOL)
    Yay to pasties and Yay to hot days 🙂
    Enjoy x

  2. Yerda says:

    YUMMMMMMMM!!!!!They sound great!!

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