Saturday Shopping

Ruby and I went out and did the shopping today after I finished work.  It looked a little like this …

The rather uninspiring mound of plastic bags in the middle contain beef strips, chicken and herb sausages and chicken fillets.  I should have put them at the side really as they are hiding lots of lovely, bright coloured fruit!  We are eating fruit as though it is going out of fashion so I reckon the kilo of nectarines, two kilos of bananas, huge bunch of grapes and bag of plums will last until Wednesday at the latest! 

You may notice an unwrapped chilli and cheese kabana in the bottom left of the picture.  It WAS all nicely wrapped in deli paper but Ruby and I were afraid that we may expire before getting home so in order to avert disaster, we broke a bit off for each of us – phew – that was close!

The menu for this week will be

  • Saturday – Horiatiki salad
  • Sunday – Chicken tacos
  • Monday – Macaroni cheese
  • Tuesday – Pasta Bake
  • Wednesday – Deli Platter (Kabana, semi dried tomatoes, feta cheese, potato salad, coleslaw etc)
  • Thursday – Beef & broccoli stir fry
  • Friday – Tuna Burgers
  • Saturday – Tortellini soup

My resolution to make more new dishes is going really well, of this week’s meals I have only made one before (macaroni cheese, one of Michael’s very favourites, no matter how much I make he ALWAYS says I should have made more!!)but deli platter doesn’t really count I suppose as it is more ‘assembling’ than cooking.

That’s the plan for now.  If Alexander manages to eat six meals in a row then things may change as he still gets to choose whatever he likes if he does – didn’t happen this week though 😦

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