My new project!

Yesterday was not a particularly busy day.  I got up early for the dog (despite being promised a lie in – humph!) and so the day stretched out ahead of us.  We had no plans, nothing we HAD to do – that is the first time that has happened for a long time!

We went out to get the kids new shoes for school – a prospect which delighted one and devastated the other (I will let you guess which was which – no prizes ;-))  They are now pretty much set – except for the ridiculously detailed pack of stationery they need to have which we have to get at school the day before it starts.  I don’t quite understand this – except for it being something of a money making scheme – but if all goes well then we should have nineteen 30 centimetre rulers by the time they both finish school!  Of course, that won’t happen because they will lose everything in their bags within twenty minutes of starting the term…

Anyway, once they were sorted I decided to get my clay out and have a play with some ideas I have had.  This was the result ….

Aussie wine glass charms!!

I am really pleased with them and have made a few sets to give as gifts. 

Ruby sat alongside me while I was making them and has made some really lovely beads too.  She loves all this stuff which makes spending time with her very easy!  Some of the ideas she has are things I would never have tried, colour combinations I would never have gone for, but they usually turn out really nicely and she gets a lot out of making things for other people.

Now I have to go and tidy up all the mess we made – it will be nice to get the dining room table back!

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3 Responses to My new project!

  1. Tracey Hand says:

    They’re amazing Laura!!
    I envy your artistic nature. If I tried that, they’d look NOTHING like yours do!
    It’s lovely when kids want to do crafts with you. Well, it’s lovely if you’re of a crafty-inclined nature. Sadly, I’m not but my boys are slowly learning that Mummy isn’t a good choice to help with crafts (unless they have a particular desire to appear the best at something LOL)
    Would love to see R’s creations too 🙂

  2. Thanks Tracey – I will let you see Ruby’s beads when she is finished with them. I had to laugh at your ‘making them appear the best at something’ – I do that when they ask me to join in with anything sporty – to say I am not a natural athlete would possibly be understatement of the century! I make myself feel better by telling myself that I am showing them how to be a gracious loser!

  3. jacqwat says:

    Those are great! You are so clever.
    Re the stationery. I fully expected to have to pay for it when mine started school as it’s similar in NZ. I was pleasantly surprised when we didn’t have to 🙂

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