Another first day at another school!

Well today started early!  I have decided to get up with Michael in the mornings (at 6am) to do a bit of Wii Fit (my Christmas present!) before the kids get up so with this being the first day back at school it seemed like a good time to start.  I had been trying to do a bit while the kids were on holiday but they always want to join in (for ‘join in’, read ‘take over’!) and yoga is not remotely relaxing with Alexander and Ruby chirping away in the background!  I had done 40 minutes of exercise before I had even noticed and I really enjoyed it!

I went to wake A & R up at 7am.  I went in to R first and by the time I had been through to A’s room and come back, Ruby was up and dressed!  She was really excited about starting school!  Alexander was not so excited but he was awake and up, so one step at a time!

Last night in my preparation for the new school year I made a checklist for A and R.  Every morning I seem to say the same things, ‘have you brushed your teeth?’, ‘Ruby, go and brush your hair!’, ‘Alexander, where are your glasses?’ etc so I wrote down all the things they need to do before they are considered ‘ready’!!  I used to have a list on the whiteboard but it was wiped off at the end of last year so a new one was needed!  While I was doing it I thought I would just do one for after school and night time too as I always have to say the same things at those times too!

It worked a treat!  Both of them worked through the list until they were ready and we were good to go in plenty time without any shouting or frustration!

We even had time for a pic of them in their new uniforms (yes, Alexander did brush his hair – that’s his Mr Majeika bit sticking up, no point in fighting it!  Poor child has inherited the most ridiculous collection of hair-quirks you’ve ever seen!)

Larry didn’t go to school – he was just posing!

Alexander’s shoes only lasted until we got to school – and that was with a pit-stop for plasters halfway.  He is INSISTENT that EVERYONE wears trainers so refused to try on more than two pairs at the shops when we went to get fitted.  He said that this pair were fine but was limping really badly by the time we got to the office.  He only ever wears trainers so his feet are really soft and he had huge blisters.  I said that he could wear his gym trainers today but will work on toughening his feet up – because I am cruel like that!

We went to meet the kids’ new teachers – both seem lovely – and then I left them to it.  It was weird to leave them.  I think it was easier when they were little and more obviously nervous.  I didn’t know today if they were actually fine and quite happy for me to go or if they are just a bit more self-conscious now and, while they wanted to cling to my leg and demand to be home-schooled, they just sat there being all worried on the inside.

I came home and set to work on the house!  Ruby’s room was a DISASTER!  Not the worst it has ever been but pretty bad – clothes, hairclips, teddies and teeny, tiny animals all over the floor!

Oh, those curtains (inherited from previous owner) are bad for my mental health!  I may need to rectify that this weekend!

I worked my bahookie off and it was much improved by the time I finished.  On to Alexander’s next week!

As well as tidying Roo’s room I changed her bed, cleaned up all the breakfast stuff, got dinner ready, set the table for tonight, cleaned both bathrooms, swept the floors and walked the dog.  I felt totally justified in going out for a cuppa with Linda!  Not that I need to justify it to anyone …

We came back in time to get the kids from school and if I hadn’t already known that it was ‘back to school day’ then the weather told me – it started POURING at hometime!

A & R seemed to have had a good day at school.  Both let go of snippets of news – why does no-one do details?!!  Anyway, they had people to play with, their teachers were nice, R got homework and A didn’t so everyone was happy!

I am very relieved and also very pleased that we will hopefully never have to do this again.  This should be the last school where they are ‘the new kids’ and more especially ‘the new kids from overseas’.  Today was the last big, new thing that we had to do and it was painless – except for the blisters.

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3 Responses to Another first day at another school!

  1. Tracey Hand says:

    Great that both did well and seemed to come through the first day unscathed (feet aside!)

    Here’s to no more ‘first days’, like you say 🙂

  2. Yerda says:

    Glad they did well and seemed to enjoy the new school. Have made over £400 in a week selling off possessions that won’t be going to Oz. More to sell!!

  3. Jacq says:

    I’m glad it went well and they are both happy. That list is inspired, I’m going to have to pinch it. But will have to do an Upstairs and Downstairs list for this house!

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