Alexander’s Team Colours Jumper

Yay!!  It is FINALLY finished!!  I started this jumper for Alexander at the end of the football season in September and it was put aside so many times to make way for more pressing (or more interesting!) projects!  Luckily, woollen jumpers are not really required in the Aussie summer!  The AFL season starts again soon and Alexander is looking forward to wearing his team colours when he cheers on Collingwood!

Alexander is really pleased, both with the jumper and with the opportunity to pose!

I am pleased with the jumper but I did much prefer it when he was age 3-6 months and I could make a jumper in a day or two!

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2 Responses to Alexander’s Team Colours Jumper

  1. Yerda says:

    Somebody looks very pleased!!!!!

  2. David says:

    Is he walking like an Egyptian?

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