Our house is a big white box.  All the walls are white, most of the floors are white tiles.  One area of colour is the carpet in the living room – it is beige – woo hoo!  The people we bought the house from had covered a big, manky stain on the carpet with their couch so when we moved in we did the same thing.  Then the other night after a really busy day I sat down with a cup of tea after the kids had gone to bed.  I put the cup on the floor at my feet until it was cool enough to drink.  Alexander reappeared – as he often does – for some reason or another (cramp, asking for a drink, sore tummy, can’t sleep, to read a funny bit out Harry Potter to us!), he knocked over my cup and the whole cup of tea was all over the carpet.  I have to say that my first thought should have been “Oh no!  Is he scalded”, or “Oh no! That will make a big stain” but my first thought was, “Oh for goodness sake!  That was the first chance I have had to sit down with a cup of tea all day!!!!”.  I am a bad, bad person!

He was not scalded but it did indeed leave a big stain.

We had been planning to replace the carpet at some point and this just moved that decision forward.  We thought that before we laid the floor we may as well paint the walls (we do not have a good history with paint and floors – does anyone remember Alexander’s fence paint on the carpet escapade of a few years ago?)

We discussed ideas which was not easy as Michael is Mr Neutral.  Now, I like neutrals but there needs to be a bit of colour in there somewhere.  I prefer bright colours – not loads of crazy colours but warmth and colour are nice things to have about.  I don’t care too much if people don’t like it, I don’t want to live in a show home, I want to live in MY home!

We finally agreed on something and bought everything we needed – now we just need to get to work.

I hate decorating, it’s not just the ‘doing’ that I hate, I hate when other people are decorating for me too!  I hate the upheaval.  I want it all just to be done!  My Mum always goes on holiday when she is getting decorating done and I think that is a fantastic idea!  If I could, I would!

Unfortunately, I can’t, so I am here, sitting in the dining room where all our living room furniture has been moved.

I said to Michael that I wanted to take ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos but then he moved all the furniture out of the room before I could take the ‘before’ – he said that the room wasn’t ready for the ‘before’ picture!!  I am not sure of his logic there but anyway, this is what we had to start with…

(taken from the front door)

(taken from the kitchen doorway)  See the big, manky stain!  Bah!

Anyway, I will keep you updated with our progress.  I hope it won’t take long!  Michael has made a start on the ceiling already …and the only way to keep our little four-legged helper out of the way is …

You can see what his opinion of that is!

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2 Responses to Decorating

  1. Yerda says:

    Poor Larry. Doesn’t look happy being a prisoner. Still, I suppose it’s better than being a painted dog.

    • Oh can you imagine the havoc he could cause?! Funny thing is when he is tied up, or even if you put his lead on him and then drop it to the floor he just stands there, he doesn’t complain or try to pull on it! I have only left him outside a shop a couple of times but at no point did he sound like he was being run over or strangled with piano-wire – unlike some other dogs I could mention!

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