Decorating Update

Another night of decorating done.  The ceiling is finished and two of the walls.  We have chosen a paint called ‘Fresh Linen’ which is a really warm cream.

We don’t start painting until the kids have gone to bed as they are all too willing helpers, which leads to a possible disaster (of ‘Alexander and the Fence Paint’ proportions) and a definite raise in blood pressure!  this makes for a pretty late night for us – especially considering Michael gets up at 5.50am but we stuck on some tunes (Flight of the Conchords) and got on with it.

Here is proof that I did not shirk all painting duties …And look!  A picture of Michael smiling for the camera!  The man from Del Monte – he paints walls!  Isn’t he handsome?!  I am slightly biased but he really is!  (LOL, even as I type this I know he’ll read it later and go all squirmy and embarrassed – hee hee!)

We had to make sure that Larry didn’t get involved again but he wasn’t happy to be through in the family room by himself so we brought him through to the living room but had the problem of there being no furniture to tie him to.

Not a problem with ‘Not the brightest bulb in the box boy’ though, we just tucked the end of his lead under his mat and he stayed put until we were done!

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One Response to Decorating Update

  1. Yerda says:

    Poor Larry! Prisoner in his bed. Sure he could have helped.

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