Weekend Update

Oh heavens, yet again, it has been ages since I posted.  I sort of lost my blogging mojo a bit as things have become pretty routine for us here and I just don’t think it’s very interesting – then the final nail in the coffin, the lens of my lovely big camera broke.  I don’t know how it broke and am casting no nasturtiums but it was fine when I had it last and then ‘someone’ (who is famous for things breaking on him) moved it and it was suddenly just a plastic tube with bits of glass rattling around inside it!  Boo!  I have ordered another and it is being sent from Hong Kong so I am crossing my fingers and hoping that I haven’t been ‘had’ until it arrives!

We finished decorating the living room.  It looks great but you’ll have to take my word for it just now!!  Michael laid the floor and did a sterling job.  It looks like a totally different room now and it’s so nice to walk through the door and have a room that is really ‘ours’.  We have a lot we still want to do to it – shelves, photos on the wall, recover settees (thankfully I know a man who can do that!!) and new furniture, but it is a really good start.  The only downside of decorating one room is that it really shows up how the rest of the house could do with some attention too!!  All in good time …

This weekend we helped our friends Jeni and Dave move house.  They live in the centre of Melbourne and were moving to a new rented place about three streets from their current rental.  The current rental was so cold in the winter that Jeni just couldn’t bear the thought of another few months of glove on indoors!  Sad as it was to leave behind the old landlord’s interesting wall art (a very eclectic collectins of rugs, tribal art and silk paintings!) they have moved to a lovely, typically Melbourne house.

We helped to empty their kitchen (when the Russians attack I am off to their house, they have so much food we could barricade ourselves in for months and we’d be fine – granted, the last few weeks we’d be eating nothing but garam masala and caraway seeds but I bagsied them first!!) – Alexander and Ruby matched up tupperware boxes with lids while Jeni and I tried to work out what would be best where.  Meanwhile, Michael had use of his works van to help move the bigger stuff.  Dave’s Mum and Dad were here from Northern Ireland on holiday (we seem to have an uncanny knack of moving while parents are here to help!) so they shuttled smaller boxes from one house to another (with the kids loose in the back of the 4×4 – BIG adventure for small people!!).  I probably did more packing for Jeni than I did for either of my previous two moves and it was most novel to be involved in a house move while I wasn’t ill!!

Today I went back into Melbourne to meet Claire, a friend from school who I probably haven’t seen in 12-15 years!  She is travelling over here and had brought a present from Sarah, Ruby’s best friend in Penicuik.  We went into the city to meet up for a coffee.  It was really nice to see her and great to catch up in the sunshine.  She has had a great trip so far, travelling all up the east coast of Australia with a few weeks still ahead of her!  Ruby got her present from Sarah and was delighted to have a copy of her lovely school pic.  Of all the people we miss, I think Sarah has been the hardest.  She and Ruby are such sweet wee friends and she just hasn’t found that here – not that we could replace Sarah by any means – but it just seems that there is a shortage of wee girls here.  Alexander has Cameron and the street is full of boys about his age but Ruby spends a lot of time alone or just with us and I just wish that Sarah was here for her.

When we came back from the city I dashed out to the shops before they shut.  Again, you will have to take my word for it, but the fruit and veg is great just now!  It is apple and pear season so they are as cheap as chips and I just couldn’t help myself!  Our huge fruit bowl is overflowing!

This evening was so gorgeous that I didn’t want to just stay in the house so I took the kids out to Maddingley Park in Bacchus Marsh.  It is a big adventure playground that was built through fundraising within the community.  It is a great park and just right for the age A & R are.  They did circuits and made up assault courses while I sat and knitted in the evening sun – ah bliss!

I rounded off the weekend with a marathon Skype session, firstly with Sarah and Correen and then with Mum. 

Hopefully my lens will arrive soon so I can upload pictures, otherwise it’s just me waffling on and that’s dull at the best of times!

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One Response to Weekend Update

  1. Yerda says:

    You can waffle as long as you like. You may think it’s boring but we don’t. Your blog has been sadly missed.

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