Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my birthday (probably a bit unnecessary to say that if you read the title!) I have reached the grand old age of twenty-thirteen!

I wasn’t particularly looking forward to today as I always spend the day with my Mum on my birthday and obviously this wasn’t possible this year.  For a few years we went to an event for International Women’s Day (also today!) where we did all sorts of girly things from massage and crafts to health awareness and professional bra measurement (I went in wearing a 36B and came out in a 32D – THAT’s a good birthday present!!!)  For the last couple of years we have done shopping and lunch – neither of us are particularly good shoppers so mostly it was coffee, chatting, wandering, chatting, lunching and chatting.  I miss the chatting.

A couple of months ago I bought a Kindle and as it was a bigger purchase than I would usually make for myself, I decided that this would be my birthday present.  Michael usually gets me really cool presents that I would never get for myself but that I love – he was off the hook for this year!

My Auntie Eliz had sent over a parcel which had been so well hidden in my wardrobe (by me!) that I forgot about it until this morning!  Inside was a set for the kitchen – an apron, a tea towel and an oven glove all covered in cute cupcakes!  I don’t have an apron or a decent oven glove so I was very pleased with these!  I am going to keep the tea towel as a tray cloth too so it stays nice!

Also in the parcel was a really unusual wall hanging.  I LOVE it!  It is a kind of rustic tapestry depicting a really typical Scottish countryside scene.  I love all the different textures and materials used.  I also really like that it is immediately recognisable as Scotland without being twee at all.  I am looking forward to finding the right place for it!

Mum and Dad sent over a lovely top for me too – You’ll have to take my word for it though, I got Michael to take a picture and then tried to crop it and it won’t let me upload – trust me though, it is very pretty!

The day started off with the kids coming through with some homemade cards.  These are the most precious and gorgeous things ever!  This is Alexander’s, drawn all in red as that is my favourite colour, it shows a unicorn (honest!), me, a necklace, a butterfly and me as a star. 

This is Ruby’s which shows all of us, Michael just a bit taller than me and Alexander just a bt taller than Ruby – all of us in specific footwear – Michael in his thongs (flip flops), Alexander in trainers and Roo and I in our red sandals!  I love these funny wee details!

Alexander also made me a blu-tac bracelet, not particularly practical but very much appreciated.  Ruby’s present to me was a reading of my favourite children’s book – Ruby Flew Too – if you haven’t read this book then you should, whether you have small children or not.  It’s a great reminder that we all get there in the end!  I have read this story to A & R since they were teeny (I think R got it for her first Easter) but this is the first time she has read it to me.

After the kids were in school I went out for a cuppa with Linda and Marjorie.  Linda gave me a really apt mug!  Is anyone seeing a theme?!  What does that say about me?!

When Michael came home he really surprised me with a couple of extra beautiful presents.  I absolutely wasn’t expecting anything so these were a big surprise.

A gorgeous sundress from a posh shop near his work

And a lovely book on modern quilt making

Our neighbours Pete and Sue popped round this evening with a lovely bunch of flowers too – how sweet of them!  They are lovely gerberas – I forgot to take a pic though so I’ll show you them tomorrow!

My birthday was not how it has been in previous years but it was very nice and I am really touched by all the good wishes that have been sent to me by facebook, email or texts.  Just when I begin to feel that I am very far away from friends I am reminded that they are still there and that I have more friends all the time over here.

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3 Responses to Happy Birthday to Me

  1. Jacq says:

    I don’t think a single person knew it was my birthday for my first one away from home. I remember feeling very lonely. I’m glad you enjoyed yours though. You’ve got loads of lovely stuff which always helps! ( mercenary me!)

  2. Yerda says:

    Glad you had a good one. I knew I wouldn’t have time this morning so that’s why you got the early HBTY.

  3. Nicola says:

    That quilt making book looks fantastic! Happy quilt making!

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