What I’ve made this week …

I started this little cardigan/jacket ages ago and had only the sleeves to do but as it uses the same pattern as the jumper I made for Alexander and the sleeves of those took aaaaaaaaaaggggggggggeeeeeeeeessssssssssss, I sort of sidelined the project.  I then realised that the intended recipient would soon have outgrown the jacket if I didn’t just bite the bullet and do the sleeves.  Logic should have reminded me that the sleeves of a garment knitted for a 3-6 month baby will knit a lot quicker than the sleeves of a garment knitted for a 8-9 year old child – I am not the most logical of creatures though!  The sleeves were done in one evening and all that remained was to find the right buttons and post the finished jacket off to little (hopefully!) Lily in New Zealand!  Hopefully it should fit her through the winter.  (Sorry Jo, it was going to be a surprise, but I can’t be organised enough to post about it after I think you’ve received it!).  The wool is a merino mix which makes it lovely and soft but it has a really nice structure to it so it shouldn’t go out of shape.  I bought the wool from Bendigo Woollen Mills when Mum and Dad were over and I absolutely love it.  I will definitely be ordering more (I say this all the while pretending that I don’t already have three 200g balls on their way to me :-))

Also, I finished this Kindle cover for my Mum.  It is in her favourite colours using wool I had in my stash – win/win!  There are all sorts of fancy leather or neoprene covers for Kindles but really, knitted is nicer!  I made one with cables in it for her because, while Mum is a FANTASTIC knitter, she doesn’t do cables (and as a result, I didn’t do them for the first 25 years I could knit because I thought they must be really hard – they’re not!).  They also give the cover a bit more padding and will protect the screen better.  I blocked it using a small chopping board.  On the off chance that anyone reading is a knitter and that they don’t block their work (I didn’t until very recently because I am always too eager to get using the finished project!) I would urge you to wet block your work – it makes such a HUGE difference to any textured work, especially cables and when you’ve put all that work into your knitting it seems a shame for it not to be shown off to it’s best advantage!  Now to do one for Dad …

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