Silly dogs and memory lane

Thursday is usually baking day in our house but as I was presented with a lovely birthday cake at work yesterday (as well as a very generous gift card to a fabby shop in Melton!) I thought we had probably had enough cake for the week!

So instead I will just share a couple of pics if I may (of course I may, it’s my blog!!).  Firstly, This is where I found Larry this morning

I don’t know why he jumped in there but he was scratching about so I went and lifted him out and he promptly jumped back in again!!  What a plum!  I thought maybe he was thirsty and thought he might get a drink in there as he sometimes goes into the shower stall and drinks the water left in the tray but both of his water dishes were full – he was just being a weirdo!  Eventually I had to shut the bathroom door in case he jumped in and couldn’t get out while we were out (yes, I am sure he would have managed but I didn’t want to have to find out!).

Also, I found the old external drive from when A & R were little and so I had fun looking through some old photos including these old favourites

This was the first time Ruby ever made a joke – seriously, she was about 4 months old and she was doing really grumpy faces then she’d crack a smile then switch really quickly to a grumpy face and then back to a smile – she kept doing it for ages because I was laughing at her!  It was kind of like peekaboo but she was the one pulling the surprise!

I just love this one – I can’t wait until his 21st to have this blown up huge on the wall!

I love this one too – it was such a tiny moment in our lives but even now about five years later, it’s really hard to remember Alexander being so little!  I know that as I was taking this pic Alexander was nattering away – nothing changes there, he was born chatty!  I do wonder looking at it now though how long it will be until he no longer holds Michael’s hand – he still does occassionally but usually only if he has to.  He still holds my hand quite often but I know the days are numbered there too.

There are loads of fantastic memories but sadly, one of our laptops died in spectacular style and took with it a whole load of Ruby’s teeny tiny baby pictures.  The one above was one of the only baby pics I can find – so when I found this one, my favourite ever, I could just have cried!  This was the night we brought Ruby home from the hospital – almost exactly seven years ago. 

Isn’t she heavenly?

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One Response to Silly dogs and memory lane

  1. Jacq says:

    That baby Ruby one is priceless. I’d be gutted to lose my photos so really should be more diligent about backing up.

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