My day with Madame Brussels

No, not a visit to the owner of a knocking shop as my mother thought!

My lovely friend, Seonaid, treated Jeni and I to an afternoon tea in Melbourne as a birthday/Christmas present (my birthday, Jeni’s Christmas).  Sadly, Seonaid lives in Germany so she couldn’t come with us but it was very sweet of her to organise this for us!

We went to Madame Brussels which is a really fun, quirky tearoom/bar (not a brothel!) on Bourke Street.  We took a seat outside on the terrace as it was a beautiful day.Although the inside was pretty cool too with it’s grassy floor and garden furniture!One of the waiters (all dressed in old style tennis gear – navy skirts for the girls and teeny, tiny shorts for the boys) brought us a jug of Pimms

Next they brought us little cucumber sandwiches, homemade sausage rolls and some vegetable fritatta.  We sat chatting in the sunshine surrounded by lots of other girls chatting in the sunshine!  It was a really girly place to go – a couple of hen parties and a baby shower were there as well as a few other smaller groups like us.  The terrace was lovely but as the sun reached it’s peak there wasn’t much shade – no worries, the staff came round with parasols for anyone sitting in the sun!

We managed to go another jug of Pimms (well, it was hot out there, we had to keep our fluids up!) and some scones with jam and cream – they went together very nicely with lots of blethering with one of my oldest, bestest friends in the sunshine!

We had a really lovely day, rounded off by a little shopping and a glass of wine before catching the train home.  Thank you Seonaid for such a fun and thoughtful present!

PS The real Madame Brussels was a brothel owner in Melbourne in the late 1880s – she was pretty successful with eight brothels on the go at one time.  I don’t think they served Pimms though!

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3 Responses to My day with Madame Brussels

  1. Mum says:

    What a great day out! Must do that next time I am over. A wee bit disappointed there were no photos of the guys in their teeny, tiny shorts though! Seonaid is a treasure to have organised that for you. Lucky girls to have such a thoughtful friend. TMS

  2. David S says:

    Great photos!

  3. Yerda says:

    Looks like you enjoyed the Pimms. 2 smiley ladies! Lovely.

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