Ta da! Living room done (ish!)

Ok, so remember a couple of weeks ago we started decorating the living room?  It started off as a big white box with a manky non-descript carpet?

We painted …

Then we ripped up the carpet and Michael laid a wooden floor.  We took a Sunday morning trip to Ikea (the only way to do it, be there for it opening, book kids into play area, run round getting everything before it gets busy, pay before the world, his wife and his four annoying, bickering, badly behaved children get to the checkouts, collect our kids while M loads the car then go back in for cheapo breakfast!  Lovely!).  We got some shelves and a wee TV unit (and some face-cloths, cork pot stands, batteries etc – because, you know, it’s Ikea!) came home and Michael put up the shelves while I built the TV unit (I got a good deal!)

I printed out some of our old favourite photos and played around with different orientations before we made holes in the walls

Or maybe …

And then finally, it was done!

I have to get my nice books out of the garage for the shelves.  We do have more than one book!  The picture by itself on the wall is the view we woke up to on Christmas morning the year before last when we were at my friend Lynn’s lovely cabin in Aviemore.

There are a few things still to be done.  It’s all a bit more cable-y than we would like but we need to get longer extension leads etc.  We also need to get a dark wood coffee and side table and finally, replace the sofa or find one the same as the one we have and get them both recovered but apart from that I LOVE IT!! 

It is so lovely to walk into the house and feel that this room is ‘us’.  It was only once it was all done that we realised that it is the same colours we first painted our house in Windsor Drive ….

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3 Responses to Ta da! Living room done (ish!)

  1. Yerda says:

    Looking good!!! Well done!!!

  2. David S. says:

    VERY NICE! It reminds me of your old place, but now with more space.

    I really like the photos, they look great.

    That computer is going to get accidentally knocked there though…

    • Michael says thank you for your concern but if it does get knocked then it just gives him an excuse to go and get a bigger monitor!! No, actually, it is a lot more stable than it looks and he’s going to get another shelf to put in as an upright at the end of the bottom shelf. Glad you like it – I am really pleased with it. Dark red is good for me!

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