What I’ve made this week …

Dad’s Kindle Cover.

After finishing Mum’s Kindle cover last week I immediately started on one for Dad.  This one was made with more wool from my stash.  One ball of plain mid-blue and another that was royal blue with a white fleck – the one with the white fleck has been in the box for ages.  It was originally part of a cardigan that was donated when Mum and I were collecting wool for charity knitting.  It wasn’t suitable for the projects we were doing so it just kind of languished in the bottom of the bag for ages.  Eventually, during ‘War Week’ I unravelled the cardigan panel to make a hat for Ruby as part of our ‘Make do and mend’ challenge.  The leftover wool has since travelled 10505 miles and is about to return as part of Dad’s kindle cover!!  That is some well travelled wool!!!

The pattern for the covers I have made is here .  It knits up really quickly and easily!

That’s not all I have made this week but it is all I have finished.  I have a bigger project on my needles just now but it’s not finished so I am not showing it yet!  I am trying to finish it as quickly as I can though because after that I have an even bigger project and I want to get that done ASAP so I can move on to the project I have planned after that!  Too many good projects and not enough time to knit them in!!

In other news, in no particular order –

Ruby has started reading ‘My Naughty Little Sister’ chapter books.  She is so pleased with herself and we are stunned at how far her reading has come on recently!  According to her teacher she is reading at the level of an eight and a half year old.  V pleased!  She loves to read to us too so quite often sits at the kitchen bench reading to me while I make dinner.

I drove out to Water Gardens by myself tonight.  To most people that will mean nothing as A, you don’t know where Water Gardens is or B, you are thinking ‘so what?  You are a 33 (gulp) year old woman and you passed your test!’ but to me it is quite a big deal as it’s a busy route (at the time I went anyway!) and a year ago I would NEVER have been able to do this.  All credit to Julie who hypnotised me not to be afraid of driving!  (For information, WG is about the same distance and road types as driving to Ocean Terminal from Penicuik so not the dark side of the moon but not Straiton either!)

I have a silly dog – this is not news, we all knew it already but I took this photo and it just makes me laugh!

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3 Responses to What I’ve made this week …

  1. Julie says:

    Well done Laura. Really proud of you x

  2. Yerda says:

    Thanks Laura! Looks great. And well done for the driving! What’s that dog like?

  3. Tracey Hand says:

    Well done on the driving. I completely understand that it is no mean feat!

    The pic of Larry is adorable. He’s such a gem, bless him

    Bravo Ruby on the reading too. I wish my kids had ANY interest in reading!

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