Aussie Phrase of the Week – Sooky La La

A person who feels the needs to whinge about events.

A – Mum, my arm hurts after my flu jab today.

Me – Oh don’t be such a sooky la la, at least you are not dying of flu!

A, R and M had their flu shots today – another perk of working where I do!  I didn’t give them any warning, they just came straight in after swimming.  I knew if they had time to think about it then there would be objections but as it was they were fine and hopefully it will mean they will avoid some of the foreign bugs.  Apparently, lots of recent immigrants get pretty sick for the first year they are here because the bugs they are exposed to are all different to what they have previously experienced.  It seemed sensible to ward off some of these if we had the chance!  Leesa gave them a chupa-chup lolly afterwards so they were quite happy – they’ll do pretty much anything for a lolly!

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3 Responses to Aussie Phrase of the Week – Sooky La La

  1. Tracey Hand says:

    ‘Foreign’ bugs never occurred to me actually! Maybe I should investigate that here!

    Interestingly (or not LOL) the Portuguese word for ‘lolly’ is actually “chupa chupa”!
    Although don’t the Aussies use the work lolly to mean any sweets? Or something like that?

  2. Yerda says:

    Love it!! Good idea getting the shots. Just sold binoculars to a man from South Queensferry who worked in the goldmine at Ballarat!

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