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7 Responses to Atonement

  1. Michaela Smith says:

    I really shouldn’t giggle

  2. I AM giggling. He must have been very bad, that’s a thankless chore and a half!

  3. Yvette Bottomley says:

    Whatever it was for – he’s doing a jolly good job of it! (Michaela’s aunty.)

  4. Yerda says:

    HEE Hee!! Did he have a stepstool?

  5. Tracey Hand says:

    I gotta ask, I’m not sure if I missed it, but what was he atoning (?) for??

    • At the end of our lovely day in Fitzroy Gardens he was very huffy, rude and bad tempered while we were out with our friends. We had done nothing but include him all day and it was very bad mannered, particularly while out with company. I don’t expect the kids to be perfect all the time, but I do expect them to be well mannered. It had been building for a while but he has been getting away with loads (we keep thinking it is because he misses friends/family/familiarity but that excuse can only last so long) so it was time to rein him back in!

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