Gummy Dog!

We had a rainy day in Melton today.  It could have been a slow, miserable day but it wasn’t.  Days here are still zooming by!

Cameron came round while Linda was at work and Alexander was still earning back his privileges so it all went pretty smoothly.  I made some soup and sewed the buttons on a cardigan I just finished (pic to follow!) and then I got to work on a present that I have been knitting since we lived in Jackson Street!

The only thing of note today was that Michael and Larry were playing tug of war this evening and Larry suddenly shot off yelping leaving one of his teeth behind!  He now has a big gap where one of his top incisors should be.  I am hoping this will just heal over and he will be fine without a trip to the vets.  He was never going to be in a dentastix advert anyway (especially not this one which is one of my favourite adverts EVER!!!) so fingers crossed he’ll be ok!  What a silly boy!

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