Gummy Dog Update

I woke up this morning and realised that I hadn’t updated on Larry’s visit to the vet (prompted by a flurry of concerned emails – thanks folks!!)

Well, we were sent to the ‘big’ vets in Bacchus Marsh which is owned by the same chatty vet we usually see in Melton.  Larry LOVES the vets!  No dragging him in or cowering in the corner, he trots in and has a GREAT time sniffing everything he can! 

Ruby and I took him into the consulting room while Michael and Alexander played with the kittens in the waiting room.  I lifted Larry up on the table (no mean feat as he is about 14kg of wriggly, excited puppy!) and the vet tried to have a look in his mouth.  Now, he is very used to having hands in his mouth because we spend half the day removing reels of thread, milk bottle tops, lego bricks, Polly Pocket clothes, scraps of paper, feathers, hair-bands etc from his jaws, so I had no worries about him getting cross about this, however, he was so delighted to have a new person ‘admiring’ him that he was so busy licking her that she couldn’t get a good look! 

She asked if she could take him out ‘to better light’.  I have my suspicions that this was actually so she could pin him down or put him in some sort of paralysing harness without us freaking out – it wouldn’t have bothered me, you gotta do what you gotta do!

Anyway, he merrily trotted off with her and she came back a few minutes later with a teeny sliver of tooth that had been left (the little bit you can see in the pic from a few days ago).  I had taken in the tooth that fell out, not in the hope that they could reimplant it but because I don’t know what a whole dog tooth is supposed to look like so I didn’t know if there was much left in the gum.  They could see that the root was intact so there shouldn’t be any further complications.  She must have put his head in a vice to get that bit out though 🙂

So he will have a gap but shouldn’t get an abcess or major organ failure or any of the bad things I was reading about when I googled ‘broken dog tooth’.  *Shudder* I should have learned by now never to google symptoms, no one ever posts a page on how their dog broke his tooth and was totally fine!

Larry is fine and doesn’t seem to notice that he has lost a tooth – he probably thinks we took him to the vets for a treat and to give more people the chance to admire him!

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