Magpies and tumbles

Today was another day of holiday – for most people – I was in to work for a few hours but it wasn’t long and it will be nice on pay-day!

I got home around lunchtime and we watched the traditional Anzac Day footy match between Collingwood (our team) and Essendon.  The season started a few weeks ago and until today I haven’t really had a chance to watch a game.  This was a good one to start with. For most of the match it was really close with Collingwood pulling ahead in the last quarter. It was really great to watch a match again.

After the game we decided to take the kids and Larry to the park for a kick-about.  The other day I took Larry out on a bike ride.  He ran really well alongside the bike with his halti on.  He didn’t pull or dash about so it is a great way to exercise him.  We all took our bikes and Michael and the kids went ahead so that Larry would follow them.  It was great with him running alongside and all being out together.

Until he stopped…very suddenly.

He stopped dead in his tracks to have a poo, I slammed on the brakes but the arm holding the lead was jerked backwards and only my right hand was left on the brake – my front brake and I went A over T over the handlebars and landed on my face.

I immediately checked my teeth (I am my mother’s daughter, they were all present and correct, thank goodness!) and then tried to extract myself from under my bike.  I was all wobbly and very sore so I came home with Larry, Michael and the kids chummed me home and then went out to the park.

When I got through the door I burst into tears, ran to the bathroom and threw up, then sat on the couch and immediately fell asleep!  I woke up to the sound of Larry throwing up too!

I know that people injure themselves much worse every day and that people fall off bikes all the time but it is a good twenty years since I feel off a bike and I don’t remember ever doing it in such spectacular style!!  As you will have gathered from reading my blog, I am not a person who invites danger and adventure into their life!  There is a reason that I list ‘knitting and cooking’ as my hobbies!!

I am sore all over, I have bruised knees, bruised thighs, a bruised ankle, a grazed and bruised chin, grazed nose (a look I last sported thirty years ago!), scraped hands, bashed knuckles and a sore throat (when my helmet hit the ground, the strap pulled against my throat!).  I am feeling properly tragic, can you tell?!!

Should be fun tomorrow at work!  I look like I have been out on a really rough night out!!

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3 Responses to Magpies and tumbles

  1. Tracey Hand says:

    Hope you recover quickly. Thank goodness for helmets though as I suppose it could have been worse (although perhaps nothing short of full body armour might have saved you this time!) xx

    • Yes, absolutely, my head got a bit of a bump but it was nothing as I had my helmet on. Next time I need one of those inflatable sumo suits! Actually, I should just wear one of those every day – it would save a lot of bruises!!

  2. Hazel Marwick says:

    Poor you Laura, hope you feel better soon. Hxx

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